How to Improve your Blogging Skills!

Being a blogger is a lot of hard work, and doing what you can to get ahead of the crowd as far as trends are concerned is exhausting. But, the other thing that we don’t talk about as blogger is the mental impact. If you’re working hard on a piece, it can be the mental equivalent of running a marathon!

We can all feel lack of inspiration and sometimes the words just don’t come to our minds. And it becomes one hell of a task to do a very simple blog! The good news is that there are some things we can do to improve our skills, but also give ourselves the mental rejuvenation we need!

Surround Yourself with Inspiration

Not just your writing space, but the immediate surroundings. For example, is your bedroom conducive to inspiration? If it’s not, then it’s time to start peppering pieces of art, literature, and movies around so that you are continually inspired.

Whether it’s just a word here or a concept there. There are also some handy hints on to find some inspiration if the words really aren’t reaching your fingertips!

Start Off Relaxed & Well Rested

Getting yourself in the right headspace to create is essential. So the question is, do you have the right tools to aid relaxation? Some people need to prime themselves ready to write, and others need to make sure that they are well rested. To ensure that you are having a good night’s sleep and are well rested for the next day’s work, you need a good mattress. Why not take a look on a site like for a mattress conducive to good sleep? If you don’t find yourself in the right headspace to create, your work is going to be poor quality. 

Revamp Your Lifestyle

You work as a blogger, so you need to make sure that you are firing on all cylinders. Mentally, you can do a lot to keep yourself inspired, and this needs to be part of what you do everyday. But the other side of the equation is your lifestyle. You need to make sure you are healthy, inside and out. If you don’t exercise, it’s not too late to start, even if it means starting out slow.  It may sound cliche but exercise has positive effects on the brain. So when you have those days that you feel a bit sluggish, go for a run!

To keep on top of the blogging game, you’ve got to be the best version of you! This is a lot of hard work, but it’s vital to rejuvenate your blogging skills.

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All About Pink this Valentine’s Day

Hey there, how was your Valentine’s Day? Did you celebrate already or are you waiting to celebrate this weekend? It always feels weird to me when days like this fall on a weekday. I feel like we don’t get to celebrate how we’d want to. And we really didn’t do much, at least as a couple. Since becoming parents we seem to celebrate more as a family. My oldest love any opportunity for a celebration, so we do little activities with her.

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Little-Known Florida Destinations to Add to Your List

Everyone knows that Florida is the kind of place you can always enjoy traveling to and around. For most, it is the epitome of the ideal vacation destination, and its sunny beaches definitely testify to that fact. However, there are any parts of Florida which you rarely see and are almost never talked about, and yet just might be even more enthralling than many of the larger and more obvious parts of Florida which you hear about all the time. In this article, we are going to take a deeper look into some of those lesser-known areas, so that on your next visit to this beautiful state you can hopefully discover a thing or two you might not have expected to discover. Read on for some top secret spots.

Boca Raton

Boca Raton, or just Boca to the locals, is a small destination with a surprising amount to offer. In many respects, it has everything that you would typically hope for from any Florida location – gorgeous beaches, endless golf courses, its fair share of idyllic sunsets. But it also has a cultural activity to it which many other places in Florida might be lacking. You can expect to hear some fantastic jazz most nights of the week in the main town, along with many other styles of music too. It has a range of beautiful hotels and other kinds of accommodation, such as the Wyndham Boca Raton, and a sprawling town centre with more shops than you could probably visit in your short stay. Consider Boca for a true slice of Florida you can’t get anywhere else to quite the same degree.

Santa Rosa

If what you’re really looking for is a fantastic beach, then you don’t really need to look any further than Santa Rosa. this is the archetypal stunning Florida beach town, and it really does have everything that you could possibly hope for from such a destination. Yet, it remains something of a hidden gem, wedged in between more popular and better-known, but altogether less stunning, family beaches. If you are keen to get away from it all, you might prefer to come to the likes of Santa Rosa rather than just down the road at Pensacola. You can also expect to be able to eat and shop to your heart’s delight, so there’s a bit of something for everyone.


Maybe you don’t want the beach at all. Maybe you want a little adventure, and you want to go sighting crocodiles instead. If that’s the case, you can find yourself winding up at the glorious town of Gainesville, best-known for its croc and alligator population, and yet surprisingly one of the lesser-visited parts of all of Florida. This is a true-and-true college town, so you can expect a certain party atmosphere, but it’s just as true that a family can easily stay here for a week or two undisturbed as well. When you feel peckish, step into one of the around two hundred coffee shops and cafes, and eat to your heart’s content.

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Feeling Beautiful in My Skin with Avya Skincare

Latina skincare, Latina, latina skin, melanin, pigmentation, latina beauty, skincare routine, skin,

I have to admit that after turning thirty, I have become more conscious about my skin and I’m frequently trying to find ways to better care for it. It can be a tough to find the right products for women with more melanin like myself. Having found Avya, a line that was “designed to indulge all skin tones,” per the Huff Post has made an impact on my skincare routine with the use of only two products and in a short period of time.

I have been using the Anti-aging Power Serum and the Eye Bright Cream – for the last 7 days and I already love how my skin has started feel in such a short period of time.

Eye Bright Cream

My eyes have always been an area of concern, as I feel that there is a large amount of pigmentation around them. I have religiously used the Eye Bright Cream two times each day per instructions and with each use my eyes feel energized. I particularly like that this cream has caffeine, among other products, like peony and turmeric which helps in reducing puffiness and dark circles. For a long time I blamed it the dark undertones of my eyes on genetics but now I’m excited to see how this cream continues to improve the way my eyes look.

Latina skincare, Latina, latina skin, melanin, pigmentation, latina beauty, skincare routine, skin,

Anti-aging Power Serum

The Anti-aging Power Serum that I have been using has a blend of turmeric and Vitamin C, just to name a few. I honestly love any product that can give me Vitamin C boost. This serum is made to increase radiance and improve discoloration.

Latina skincare, Latina, latina skin, melanin, pigmentation, latina beauty, skincare routine, skin,

Latina skincare, Latina, latina skin, melanin, pigmentation, latina beauty, skincare routine, skin,

What I like most about this skincare line is that it works regardless of skin tone. Also, that it is easy to use and doesn’t take up much time, which has made it easy to incorporate into my already established daily skincare routine. If you are looking for a product that works on all skin tones, give this one a try. Especially if you have pigmented skin like mine, because it is important to use skincare products that are made for you. Check out other products on this Avya Skincare Line here.

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Friday Favorite: My Make up Musts

Today I want to share with you what’s in my Make Up Bag. These are what I considers musts for Valentine’s Day, and beyond. There’s only four products that I swear by. While, I know that there are many other products that can be added to a make-up routine, these four are enough for me.

When it comes to make-up, I am a minimalist and naturalist. I was just raised that way. My mom always told me that there wasn’t a need to wear make up everyday. That you should save it for special occasions. That way when you go to an event, you dress up and wear make up and people will be wowed. That just sort of stuck with me. Anyhow, below are some of my favorites and links for you to find them.

Lip Colors

So I am a little obsessed with Maybelline’s Matte Liquid line. The three colors that I am wearing on rotation are Nude Flush, Pink Charge and Berry Boost. The nude is the one that I honestly wear the most, it has enough pigment to add some color while it is still subtle. When I am feeling bold, I pick between the Pink Charge or Berry Boost.

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Valentine’s Day Look; Pearl Beaded Blouse

Valentine's Day, Pearl Embellished Blouse, Pearls, Pearl details,

Happy Thursday Friends! Can you believe Valentine’s Day is only a few days away? If you’re still in need of outfit inspirations, I’m brining you this darling pearl beaded blouse. It is the perfect blouse to go out and celebrate with your other half on a date night or with your closest gals for brunch. But besides the pearls, did you spot the other details? I mean the sleeves are quite the statement, a delicate one but a statement nonetheless.

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