Halloween Party Inspiration with Dollar General Goodies

This post is sponsored by Dollar General but all the content and opinions expressed here are my own.

Halloween will be here soon! To help me get a jump start, I started shopping at Dollar General, there I found everything from costumes to makeup and parties essentials. All at affordable prices, which is one of the reasons why I shop there so much! 🙂 As you may have read before, my littlest is now in school. As Halloween gets closer, I’m thinking about throwing a small party for her and her little friends. To keep things simple, I picked up items that could double as decor and take home goodies; like the foam stickers that I laid on the table as confetti. The reusable Halloween cups that they kiddos could use to take candy home.

To keep things spooky but fun, I also added some spider web along the table! One package was plenty and it only cost me $1. The wooden sign was too cute to leave behind and I thought it would make a great centerpiece. I also grabbed a pumpkin because nothing says Halloween like one. The skeleton which has to be one of my favorite items, especially as it sits over the candy bowl. 🙂 And the bones tray was also a perfect find, because it can hold lots of candy. Speaking of candy, I was pleasantly surprised with the variety I found at Dollar General. The kiddie mix I found had the perfect amount and mix of classic candies. The candy corn was another lucky find, this is is a must have for me this time of year.

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Motherhood, Latina Health and Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome

Did you know that September is Latina Health Awareness Month as well as National Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) Awareness Month?! Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome is the most common cause of female infertility. While I haven’t experienced infertility first hand, that’s not to say I didn’t experience difficulties with my pregnancies. Some of which had me reflecting on whether PCOS is a condition I was at risk of having. Especially since 50% of women with PCOS don’t even know that they have the disorder even though it is a common condition and seen frequently in Latin American women. Luckily, CCRM (Colorado Center for Reproductive Medicine) can help women who are experiencing infertility due to PCOS.

Nayelli, our first daughter, was a complete surprise. My pregnancy was normal but I particularly remember that she was breached and having to go through a procedure to get her into position. I honestly think I took for granted the difficulties that could come when planning a pregnancy. Because four years later my husband and I decided to try for a second baby—a pregnancy that didn’t come so easily. It took a few months to conceive and while we decided not to look into it, I’ve always wondered what caused the delay? After learning about PCOS and the prevalence of the disorder in Latina women, I can’t help but wonder if it could have resulted in us taking months to get pregnant. Especially because PCOS means that the body goes through anovulation (not regularly releasing an egg).

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These are the Five Things You Need on a Bar Cart

Setting up a Bar Cart is not as hard as you may think! The first thing, obviously is to find a cart at a good price point. This one for instance, I got for under $150!

Favorite Liquor

While I’m not a huge fan of hard liquor, there are a few exceptions. On my bar cart, you’ll find Tequila, wine, and often whiskey. This allows for a variety of drinks be made; I somewhat consider them the essentials! Of course, the type of liquor you decide to add to your cart is completely up to you. 😉


Whether fresh or faux, flowers can easily transform a space. I recommend adding some to the bar cart to add a bit of a personal touch. For me, having fresh flowers is a must. There’s just something about them; they bring so much life to a space.

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How to Satisfy Summer Time Antojos? Try a belVita Breakfast Parfait

This post is sponsored by NABISCO but all opinions are my own.

Summer is here and we are taking time to slow down and satisfy our antojos with quick but delicious recipes. One of the ways my family slows down is by doing things differently, like having breakfast in bed. 🙂 It’s the perfect way to satisfy our antojos and bond as a family. We have a handful of recipes that we love but the Make-it-Your-Own belVita Breakfast Parfait recipe is at the top of our list. It is a simple to follow recipe which only calls for a handful of ingredients and can be done in 10 minutes. Yes, you read that right!

The ingredient that we love most and always have in our home is the belVita Breakfast Biscuits. These are a go-to for my family and while we mostly eat them while on the go, it’s a snack that brings us together. The girls love sharing the belVita Cinnamon Brown Sugar Breakfast Biscuits, their favorite flavor. Now that it’s summer and we’re spending more time at home, it’s nice to be able to slow down and savor them.

Being able to incorporate them into delicious recipes like this belVita Breakfast Parfait is a plus. This fun recipe has helped us make some fun memories already. The girls have not stopped talking about this delicious breakfast idea!

They really enjoyed helping me pick up all of the ingredients that we needed to make the recipe at our local H-E-B. They agreed on what day we could have breakfast in bed because we needed to make sure Papi was home to enjoy this moment with us. And they each picked what jobs they would do with my supervision, of course. Nalani crumbled the biscuits because she is the smallest and did a great job at it. While, Nayelli helped me measure the ingredients; the yogurt, honey, pineapple and flaked coconut. It was my job to blend the yogurt and honey and put together each layer of the parfaits. At some point Nayelli took over as supervisor and kept saying, “Mami make sure to do the layers right!” 🙂

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How I’m Preparing for Back to School with Dollar General

This post is sponsored by Dollar General but all the content and opinions expressed here are my own.

Summer is in full swing and while we’re enjoying it to the fullest, I am thinking ahead to back-to-school season! When I learned about Dollar General’s Teachers List feature online, I thought I’d get a head start on my shopping. This new feature gives parents access to the school supply list by simply entering the zip code. 😃 

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Why Brawny Tear-A-Square® is Our Favorite Barbecue Season Essential

This post is sponsored by Brawny® but the content and opinions expressed here are my own.

It’s officially Barbecue season and I’m turning to Brawny Tear-A-Square® to take on everything from holding our favorite snacks to cleaning up the messes! The new Brawny paper towel is truly a game changer! Now it offers three different size options, so they are perfect to use on clean ups and even as a napkin.

For my family, barbecues are a big deal and they are not just a weekend thing; especially as the weather get warmer. Summer isn’t officially here yet but we have started to spend lots of time outside by the pool. In this Texas heat there’s really no better way to cool off. Since we spend so much time outside, it only makes sense to take advantage and grill our favorites. Plus, this is one of the best ways to get the hubby involved in cooking. 😉

Brawny paper towels have been our barbecue essential lately! It’s just great to have all the different sizes the new Brawny Tear-A-Square offers. And I have even noticed that since using these, my family also seems to make less waste. We have stopped using plates for certain things, like our favorite chips, candies and cookies, these all fit perfectly on the quarter sheet size. This new size also works as a napkin, so there’s no need to buy both paper towels and napkins for barbecues and gatherings.

I plan to keep Brawny Tear-A-Square in use during every event this summer, from our impromptu barbecues to gatherings with friends and family. Having a paper towel that offers strength and flexibility to only use what you need, is a must. As you get ready for all your summer gatherings, keep the new Brawny Tear-A-Square in mind. You can now find it at your local Kroger! And believe me when I say, it will become your favorite barbecue season essential!

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