A Day in Atlanta – Georgia Aquarium Adventure

First, are we friends on Instagram? If we’re not! Get to it. You’re missing out on all the live shares of my adventures. Like this trip to the Georgia Aquarium. Yes! It all happens there first and then I come to The Blog to spill details on everything. You can find me under Thirtyminusone_blog. 😉

So, last month I spent over three weeks in Georgia. It’s where my family lives and was home for a few years and where my husband and I met. We still have friends there and love going back to get away from the city life – ok, I do live in the suburbs but it’s a complete scenery change.

Georgia Aquarium


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Blue Sky Tag

Happy Hump Day Y’all! So this week I wanted to pay it forward to other bloggers who inspire me. I was nominated by Lisa at Sparkleese to do the Blue Sky Tag.

What an honor to be recognized by a fellow blogger. 🙂  She asked me a series of question and well my answers are below. Also, below are questions that I am asking the bloggers I am nominating. So keep reading and make sure to check them all out. 😉

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Balancing Household Duties as Newlyweds

When you got married, you probably never stopped to think how something so simple as dish duty would impact your relationship. However, maintaining the balance of your relationship day in and day out often depends on those little details of living.

It can take a lot of adjustment for newlyweds to learn to live together. Often, it takes time and forgiveness. Nowhere is this more apparent than in household chores. Here are some tips for how to balance household duties in a home where both of the newlyweds work and live together

Start how you want to continue

Many people start the beginning of a relationship with all sorts of plans for being a domestic goddess, or a husband who pampers his wife. The urge to serve your spouse is something that you should always hold on to, but it’s important to also remember that how you start out is often how you’ll continue. Enlisting help for household duties will be harder down the line when your life becomes more busy and stressful. So make sure that from the get-go, you both realize that you need to work as a team to run the household. Take turns, and take time out to appreciate what the other person does to help life run more smoothly.

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Mermaid Party Ideas for First Birthday

Mermaid Party Ideas for First Birthday

The first birthday party is the biggest for me. I celebrated my first daughter’s birthday with a big party. And of course, I had to do the same for my littlest.Now, because her birthday is in Spring, I knew I wanted it to be colorful! So I went for a Mermaid party theme, which in reality is more of a summer theme. 😛


The first thing was get the invitations. I found this cute and affordable invitation from Marley Design on Etsy. Since it was a digital copy, I used Shutterfly to print and mail them out on my behalf. It was so easy and I highly recommend it, zero stress! 😉

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Vintage Desk Make Over for Girl’s Room

I was searching for a desk, as my daughter was close to starting first grade. And had my eye on an IKEA desk. Knowing that I am all about DIYs, my husband found me a desk for a desk make over instead.

Vintage Desk Make Over

He was browsing online and came across a post from a teacher whose school was giving away vintage school desks for free! The desk was in great condition, all I had to do was buy a handful of supplies and get to work.

School Desk

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That Wooden Sign you want to buy, You can DIY instead!

That Wooden Sign you want to buy, You can DIY instead!

I have a thing for wooden signs, but the sizes that I want cost a fortune after shipping. In order to save money, I have done a few DIY Wooden Signs.

The most recent sign was a street name sign for our Foyer. If you missed my foyer reveal, a few posts back, go check it out.

Why the street name? It is significant to us, this sign will forever remind us of a dream that came true; that of owning a home!

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