My Favorite Grilling Recipe: BBQ Chicken Sandwiches with Pioneer Woman BBQ Sauces

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GRILLING is one of our favorite things to do! From the time Summer begins all the way until the seasons change to Fall we find time to cook our favorites on the grill. Learning about the new Pioneer Woman BBQ sauces at H-E-B was just the excuse I needed to get the hubby to agree to a small tailgating gathering. 🙂 But because he loves to grill, I didn’t really need to twist his arm too much! 😉 He’s such a foodie and loves trying out the latest products too. And the three new Pioneer Woman BBQ Sauce flavors were a must on our list.

Tailgating Tip: H-E-B paper bags are great for carrying all your tailgate essentials.

He has lived in Texas his whole life and since moving here with him, I’ve learned to love BBQ. And I feel that the key to a good BBQ is the sauce. Let me tell that the Pioneer Woman trio does not disappoint. Each one is packed with flavor… Take the Frontier BBQ Sauce variety for example, it has the perfect amount of heat. Because I love flavors with a kick, this is the one I used for today’s recipe. Everyone LOVED the flavor it brought to the chicken sandwiches. I have also tried the other two varieties. The Apple Brown Sugar BBQ sauce has just the right amount of sweetness with chunks of tart apples. While the Peach Whiskey BBQ sauce is such a perfect combination, I love the slight whiskey flavor and could use it on everything, even to make a delicious dip. 🙂

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A Refreshing Strawberry Vodka Lemonade Cocktail with Santa Cruz Organic

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Y’all, school has started – at least for the girls… But I am trying to hang on to summer for as long as I can. So today, I wanted to share a quick, delicious and refreshing cocktail recipe made with Santa Cruz Organic Lemonades. A brand that after trying, quickly made it to my list of favorites. I am always trying out new brands, and love stumbling upon those that are made with high quality ingredients. Because Santa Cruz Organic is passionate about offering only the best natural and organic foods, I knew it would make a great ingredient for this cocktail.

When it comes to flavors, Santa Cruz Organic Lemonades offers a variety; like Blueberry, Mango and Strawberry. They also offer a range of other products of equally delicious flavors like Santa Cruz Mango Fruit Spread, Santa Cruz Organic Ginger Juice and Santa Cruz Organic Dark Roasted Creamy Peanut Butter. All of these are made with Certified Organic and Non-GMO ingredients and processes. Which as a consumer offers me with all the peace of mind I could ask for from a brand.

When creating a recipe, I think it’s of high importance to use pure ingredients and this delicious lemonade offers just that. That’s why using Santa Cruz Organic Strawberry Lemonade was a no-brainer; it’s a flavorful ingredient that you feel great about adding in. 😉 Now, let’s get started on the recipe…

Making the Strawberry Vodka Lemonade Cocktail 

For this recipe you will only need two ingredients! That’s right, only two. Why? Because I believe that simple recipes are sometimes the most fun to make and enjoy with others. To make this Strawberry Vodka Lemonade Cocktail, you will need glasses, ice, Santa Cruz Organic Strawberry Lemonade and Vodka of choice. You will make the cocktail by adding a few ice cubes to a glass, then pouring 6-8 oz. of lemonade over the ice and adding about 1.5 oz of Vodka.

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How the Bold Flavors of Aussie Crème Help Me Relax

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What helps you slow down? As a busy mom who is often on the go, I have had to find ways to slow down, unwind and relax. While, I have a few ways to get to a point of relaxation, like putting on my favorite face mask or listening to music! Indulging on my favorite treat is also one of them. The Wallaby Organic Aussie Crème, which I pick up on my grocery trips to Sprouts Farmers Market, has become my favorite way to take a minute to slow down and relax!


The New Aussie Crème is available in three flavors; Spiced Peach, Strawberry Red Wine and Caramelized Pineapple. Not only are these flavors unique but they’re also delicious. My favorite flavor is the Strawberry Red Wine. There’s something about the flavor that I just love, it is so bold and its creamy texture is perfection!

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Simple Salad Recipes that You’ll Actually Want to Eat

Soups and Salads… I had this idea of only eating soups and salads for five days as some sort of cleanser last week. Especially since I had been eating out way too much the week before. See, I tend to cook most days and while I make no claims on how healthy my cooking may be, I feel like it’s better than eating out. Then there are days that all we do is eat out and after a few outings, I always feel a certain anxiety and need to get back to making home cooked meals.

Shrimp & Bacon Salad

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For this salad, you’ll need lettuce, cabbage, carrots, shrimp and bacon. Cook the bacon and shrimp, this will take about 15 minutes. Chop the other ingredients and set aside. Once the meats are cooked slice the bacon into small pieces then serve meats over salad. I prefer to serve the shrimp whole but chopping it would be ok too.

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Three Margaritas with Torani Syrups to Drink Now and Later

Three Margaritas with Torani Syrups to Drink Now and Later
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Margaritas are my go-to cocktail, no matter the time of year. Whether I’m out with friends or hanging out at home, I love drinking margaritas. I’ll often stick to the classic but I also like trying other flavors. So, I recently made margaritas to enjoy at home with Torani® Syrups that I found at my local Kroger. With just a splash of Torani, I was able to quickly whip up margaritas in three delicious flavors; Raspberry, Mango and Passion Fruit. Each margarita was flavorful, delicious and refreshing. The best part is that the recipe to make these is super simple and only calls for five ingredients.

While I only purchased these three flavors to make the margaritas, I was impressed with the wide range of flavors Torani Syrups and Sauces offers. With so many flavors, it is easy to make any recipe your own! Plus, one flavor can be used to create endless recipes. Because ingredients are important, I like knowing that Torani syrups are made with real, simple ingredients like pure cane sugar and natural flavors.

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Right now there’s a coupon available for $1 off any (1) Torani® Syrups and Sauces. Search for the offer on Kroger’s coupon gallery. Once you find the offer, just clip it to your card so you can redeem the next time you shop. So simple! To find Torani near you check here.

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Easy No-Prep Carnitas Recipe for Dinner & Get Togethers

Easy No-Prep Carnitas Recipe for Dinner & Get Togethers

You guys, I went shopping at Kroger and found this Pork Roast No-Prep Carnitas Style Pack! Y’all know that I’m all about quick delicious meals, so I had to try it and share it with you. Don’t get me wrong, I love to cook, even meals that require lots of prep. But I think it’s important to have options that are quick to make. Especially when you have little ones who are hungry from one moment to the next.

I love that the Pork Roast was already prepped, which minimized my time in the kitchen. And the instructions were super easy and beyond straight forward. I literally placed the bag in a baking pan, placed it in the oven, added a timer and walked away – I did checked on it as it cooked but you get the point.

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