Two Day San Antonio Itinerary for Families

Day 1

Two weekends ago we planned an impromptu trip west. We ended up in San Antonio and had a blast! We did some of the usual tourist attractions and then some new things as well. I love visiting San Antonio because even though it’s a small city, it’s a lot of fun. If you’re ever planning to drive through Texas, I recommend that you stop by San Antonio and maybe check out some of my recommendations. 😉

Our first stop after checking in to our hotel was the San Antonio River Walk. We walked around a little bit so the girls could get the river walk experience. Even though we had planned to do a boat tour, we didn’t get to this time. This is another way to get around the Riverwalk if you’re not up for a walk.

Because we’re big foodies, finding a place to eat was on the list too. We have tried several restaurants in the area before, but this time the hubby had a taste for Tex Mex. So we ate at Riverwalk Casa Rio, a riverfront restaurant where we got to sit outside and enjoy the somewhat cool weather.

After dinner, we went back to the hotel to freshen up and then out for ice cream, because dessert is a must! At night, San Antonio is really pretty and you see many people walking around and others riding horse carriages. We had not planned for it but seeing the girls’ excitement at what they called Cinderella’s carriage made us decide to also do a carriage ride. This was probably the highlight of the day, it was nice to see a bit more of San Antonio this way.

Day 2 

We gave the girls a choice on where to spend our second day in San Antonio and they both thought SeaWorld would be fun. Because we were meeting up with my brother and niece, this also seemed like a good place to spend the day. We had all gone to San Antonio before but it was few years ago. While places like this don’t change much, the shows, splash pad and attractions were all really fun. We visited in time for the Beer Fest so the guys took advantage of that too. There’s certainly something for everyone to enjoy here. 

What was really unique about this visit is that we also got to cool-off at Aquatica after we were done. This was a neat experience and perfect for the Texas summer heat. We enjoyed the wave pool, lazy river and splash pad area. We finished off our trip by meeting up with more family that night and heading to a local Miniature Golf course, which was also a lot of fun too. 

This is what we did as a family, but I am curious to hear what you have done or would do if in San Antonio. Leave me a comment with your suggestions 🙂

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Five Things To-Do in Galveston this Summer

I’ve talked about Galveston in the past and it’s because it is the closest beach town to Houston. I’ll admin that while the water is not clear blue like that of other beach towns, I still love Galveston. Even more I love the atmosphere, people, food and entertainment options. The people of Galveston are so laid back and easy going, exactly what you’d expect from residents of a beach town. The food is pretty darn good and I have a few spots that have become favorites, read about them here. As far as entertainment, there are plenty of options for adults and children alike. We like to keep it simple and the girls don’t mind, so we have done all of the below and had a blast.

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fashion styles, style inspiration, style, style, beauty & accessories, fashion, fashion style, fashion 2018, fashion, fashion random, fashionista, fashion & lifestyle

1. Take the Bolivar Ferry –

This is favorite because on all occasions we have been able to spot dolphins. This is exiting for the girls because it’s not an animal that you see often. It is also really neat to travel with the seagulls who follow along in hopes of being fed. Though you’re not supposed to, people often sneak in a treat for them.

2. Eat at Pier 21 –

Being near the sea, means better seafood options. There are some all over Galveston but I have to say that some of the restaurants along Pier 21 have great options, in particular Fisherman’s Wharf. Don’t be fooled, their extensive menu has plenty of non-seafood items too.

3. Sit along the seawall –

Whether you sit along the benches or set up on the sand, it is nice to hang out by the seawall. Plus, it is also within walking distance of many popular sports in Galveston.

4. Visit Pleasure Pier –

Built on the grounds of a hotel that was swallowed by a hurricane, the pier is now one of Galveston’s top destinations. There’s a handful of fair-like games and rides, for grown ups and kids. It’s the perfect place for the entire family to have fun and create memories.

5. Visit Jamaica Beach –

This is one of my favorite beaches because you can drive on. And with our little ones, it is much more comfortable to park your car, pop the trunk open and set up right in front of it. You don’t have to worry about parking meters or traffic either. And you can stay and watch the sunset before heading back to your hotel or home in our case.

If you’re ever in Houston, make sure to stop by Galveston. It’s worth a visit! If you have ever visited, let me know what you did and what was your favorite part. I love talking about Galveston. 🙂

fashion styles, style inspiration, style, style, beauty & accessories, fashion, fashion style, fashion 2018, fashion, fashion random, fashionista, fashion & lifestyle

fashion styles, style inspiration, style, style, beauty & accessories, fashion, fashion style, fashion 2018, fashion, fashion random, fashionista, fashion & lifestyle

fashion styles, style inspiration, style, style, beauty & accessories, fashion, fashion style, fashion 2018, fashion, fashion random, fashionista, fashion & lifestyle

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Can A Vacation Make You A Better Person?

Can A Vacation Make You A Better Person?

Can a vacation make you a better person? Well, of course, that depends on how you focus on the vacation. A ‘vacation’ is simply a term used to attribute traveling in a convenient format with time limitations. However, the aspect of travel is not something that can be adequately described in a brochure, or even the best sales pitch of your travel representative. The virtues and benefits you take away from traveling are yours to experience, and sometimes, yes, they can culminate in a better you. Here’s how…

Opening Minds

Travel will broaden your mind. This is important to think about. Often we can get into a routine of going to work, coming home, working out, watching television or Netflix and sleeping. Rinse and repeat all year, until we gain a two-week vacation to lay on a beach and maybe read a novel. We’re not suggesting that your schedule is bad it’s just that your mind could be fed in such a superior way. Because travel can open your mind to new ways of thinking, new people, new events, new things to experience. There could be a whole hidden side of you that you have yet to experience, just waiting to get out. You could be the best salsa dancer in the world. You’ll never know unless you try.

Zip line at Red Frog Beach

Force To Communicate

When out of your comfort zone in this way, you are forced to communicate with people around you whom you might not have otherwise met. Many people find that the language barrier can be a problem, but we’d suggest it’s simply a fun challenge. To do this will help you find similarities and wonder in the people around the world you otherwise would not interface with. You’ll find humor, goodwill and openness in most people you meet. Then you’ll realize that no matter how many sensational tabloid news articles you read, that the world is much more harmonious than you might think.

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Family Adventures make the Best Memories

Family Adventures make the Best Memories

There is nothing quite like a family adventure. Each adventure is the chance to build memories together, to see each other laugh and smile and share in the moments that will live long in each of your memories. Family adventures are those unique experiences that manage to bring you closer together no matter how far they take you away from home. They are the mementos that will grace your home’s walls forever, spark conversations and put a grin on your face during tough times.

Oh, yeah, there really is nothing quite like a family adventure, which is why we’ve pulled together a list of adventures that you and your family should try and plan because they will build memories like no other.

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Traveling to New York City as a Family

Traveling to New York City as a Family

When the year began, I knew that I wanted to travel more but I had not idea we’d start so soon. In February, we took our first trip; we packed up and headed to New York! While, I realize this was nearly two months ago, I still wanted to share my experience with you. Especially because I know that as the weather warms up NYC is a destination that many people consider.

I have wanted to visit New York for as long as I can remember. And I’ve had a list of things to do; the Statue of Liberty, Empire State Building, etc. I honestly didn’t have many expectations, but part of me thought it would be like in the movies.

Interestingly enough, New York reminded me a lot of  Europe, from the weather to the architecture. Yet it was such a unique city and like no other I have visited before. We spent four days there as a family and though the weather wasn’t too friendly we had fun each day. Keep scrolling to see what we did in NYC and see if you could add these to your itinerary.

Day One: Times Square + Empire State Building

Our first stop was Time Square because it is a must while in New York. Also, because our hotel was nearby. And being there, among so many tourist who traveled as far as we did to see this magical city gave us all kinds of feels. We saw all the screens in awe and got to witness how others searched for the perfect shot to take back home as a memory and souvenir.

Our second stop on this first day was the Empire State Building, another icon and must see while in NYC. What I loved most at the ESB was the views from the viewing deck. We made it just after nightfall, but it was a beautiful sight nonetheless.

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How To Vacation With Your Four-Legged Friend

For most people, a dog is another member of the family, and so the thought of leaving them behind while you go on vacation can be a difficult one to swallow. Luckily, these days, there are a lot more places that cater to dog parents, so it’s easier than ever to travel with your pooch, especially if you’re traveling in The U.S. If you’re a first-time pet traveller, here is some advice to help you out.

Pets, Vacation, Travel with Pets, Four Legged Friends, Fur Babies

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