Five Ways to Add Personality to your Apartment – without Breaking the Bank

Getting a new apartment is an exciting time. I remember the very first time I got my first apartment without my family or roommates. It was so exciting! All throughout college, I had lived with roommates and for the most part didn’t do much decorating because it was a shared space. So when I was getting my first apartment alone, I couldn’t wait to start planning how I would make it my own.

That being said I was also a new college grad with limited funds. I knew I wanted to add my personality to the place but I also knew that I needed to do so on a budget. Here are five smart ways to add personality to your new apartment without breaking the bank.

Make Your Own Art

I didn’t initially plan to make my art. I went to a few places, like Ross and Marshalls, to look for art. Store after store I just couldn’t find anything I wanted to look at every day. I went to a local discount arts and crafts store to see what they had in stock.

While I didn’t find any art I liked, I did have the idea to buy some of the canvas they had on sale along with some paint. I started out by doing abstract type art and even ventured into stenciling some of my favorite quotes. If you don’t think you have the talent to paint, your consider framing graphic novels or magazine covers you like or even creating quote images on your computer using a program like Canva. Photos are also a wonderful art alternative. They are an excellent way to remember good times and great people. Photos are full of personality and very affordable at about 50 cents a print (depending on the size). Even if you’re living alone, you can take your loved ones with you without having to worry about sharing a bathroom!

Use an apartment locator

As fun as it can be to decorate a new apartment often the process of finding the new apartment can be stressful and long. Instead of driving around and hoping there are vacancies in your price range I recommend using an apartment locator. Many of them offer specials such as cash back or a free moving truck if you lease an apartment through their service. It’s great, they do all the searching and you get rewarded! The money you say in the search can be put towards your decor. Can’t beat that!

Vintage is always in style

You know what they say, “One lady boss’ junk is another one’s treasure.” Going to second-hand stores and vintage shops are a great way to decorate your new home. Depending on your level of creativity you might find something you can repurpose and add your sense of style. I got my sofa at a resale shop for $10.00! While it isn’t the prettiest sofa, I purchased a $12.00 slip cover and hadn’t looked back since. Many resale shops have a comprehensive inspection and sanitization practice; I still recommend washing and wiping down anything you purchase just to be safe.

Paint a statement wall

If your apartment allows you paint, but you don’t want to pay for buckets of paint consider only painting one wall. This is a bold statement and a great way to add personality to your apartment. Accents walls are a great option if you like a bright color that might be too overwhelming on every wall.

Get Creative With Your Unit Number

The experience of your home starts as soon as you reach the front door, so why not add some personality to your door. Most apartment doors are marked with your unit number so consider replacing the standard numbers with some that suit you better. If you can’t safely remove the numbers, consider purchasing a mini chalkboard to decorate and hang near your door. If you do decide to remove your apartment door numbers be sure to save them so you can reattach them when you move out to avoid any fees are charges.

There are so many easy and affordable way to make yourself at home as a renter. Tell me how you’ve added some flare to your apartment.

About the Author: Dia Darling is a blogger and productivity coach. Her focus is helping millennials figure out their priorities and create a schedule that works with them. You can find her tips on blogging, goal setting and time management at AllTheThingsIDo.com. Facebook Twitter Instagram Pinterest

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