Improving Your Skin From The Inside Out

By Aurora McCausland

Everyone wants to have better skin. Some people are blessed with naturally clear, blemish-free skin. However, the vast majority of people don’t have skin that remains even toned and moisturized no matter their routine or regime. If you’ve ever found yourself picking at your skin in dismay because you’re breaking out again, then here are a few tips to help give you the skin of your dreams.

You are what you eat

When targeting your skin problems, most of the time people only try to address what they can see on the surface. It’s incredibly important to be picky about what you put on your skin, and that has a huge impact on the overall appearance of your skin. However. The things you’re putting into your body are just as important as the things that you put on top of it. If you frequent the fast food lanes and rarely ingest something green, that may be the root of your skin problems. In fact, most skin problems stem from something internal.

Face mapping

Face mapping is a technique to help find out what it is internally that is causing skin problems externally. Different areas of your face will show stresses of specific internal areas of your body.

Forehead – Digestive problems, liver issues, stress, irregular sleep, poor diet.

Temples/Eyebrows – Poor circulation, gallbladder issues, too much fat in your diet, processed foods, alcohol.

Nose – Poor diet, constipation, bloating, indigestion, poor blood circulation.

Cheeks – Overeating, stomach issues, dirty cell phones, lungs, liver issues, stress.

Mouth/Lip area – Constipation, Spicy/fried foods, certain toothpastes.

Chin – Hormonal problems, gynecological issues, kidney imbalance.

Ears – Kidney issues.

Understanding face mapping will help you pinpoint what issues are causing your breakouts and skin problems. Although it’s healthy to try to improve your diet overall, that may not be what’s affecting your skin. Having the knowledge of what’s causing different areas of your skin will help you through the process of elimination so you won’t get discouraged by failed attempts to attack the issue.

Homemade skin care

Being picky about what you put on your skin is a really important part of having healthy skin. Before purchasing any makeup or skincare product, make sure you read the label and ingredients very carefully. If there are ingredients you don’t recognize, or that sound scary or misleading, chances are that you shouldn’t be putting them on your face. If you’re really struggling to find the right skincare products for you, it’s a good idea to consult a dermatologist. They specifically went to school to learn all of the ins and outs of skin, and they’ll be able to help you not only diagnose your problem, but also prescribe the right products to help you take care of the problem quickly.

If you’re not happy with the skincare products you’ve been purchasing, you may benefit from making some of your own products. Things like moisturizer, lotion, toner, face wash, and face masks can be made inexpensively at home. The best products for you and your skin are going to be the simplest products. Try a natural witch hazel toner, coconut oil and aloe vera to wash your face, shea butter to moisturize your driest regions, and a matcha face mask to tighten the skin and clear your pores.

Improving your diet

Improving your diet will really help you keep your skin clear. Try to maintain both balance and variety with your diet. Your diet should be filled with vegetables of all colors. Leafy greens, like kale, broccoli, and brussels sprouts. Orange and yellow vegetables, like carrots, squash, and orange bell peppers. Make sure that when you do include grains in your diet, that they’re whole grains and unprocessed. Processed grains and other foods are one of the biggest culprits of unhealthy skin and bodies. Most food is highly processed, so one of the smartest ideas to make sure you’re eating healthy enough is to cook at home as much as possible. When you eat out, you have no control over what’s being cooked and what is going into your meal. Something that may seem healthy on the surface may be filled with mystery foods that are processed and high in unhealthy fats.


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