Make This Year A Year Of Travel

Traveling is a bit of a luxury, isn’t it. But if you work hard enough, and be as frugal with your money as possible, there’s no reason why you can’t fit in two vacations this year to the destinations you’ve been dreaming of. If your destination of choice is a tad expensive, like Bora Bora, then you’re going to need some inspiration to help you find the vacation destination of choice. Whether you’re looking for a bit of winter fun, or summer sun, there’s something out there for everyone. So here are a few ways in which you can make two nice vacations affordable, and some of the best destinations around the world to try that you might not have thought of.


To make your vacation affordable, is going to be hard. You need to put in the work to make sure you’re scraping together every last penny. To some people, the cutbacks in life are more than worth it when you have to amazing vacation destination to go on. So put in some extra shifts at work and begin putting aside the extra money into a savings account ready to book the vacation. You need to try and cut back on the other areas in life such as your social life, where you often might spend a little bit more money than you need to. Reduce your outings to once or twice a month, rather than every weekend, and stop spending money on food! Spending money on food is most likely going to be one of your biggest outgoings each month. Even just a trip to the supermarket to buy a meal deal is all going to add up. Then all you need to do is find an affordable vacation. Look out for the deals, and see if a last minute deal is going to save you a bit of money. A lot of companies overcharge for vacations which is why it is so important to shop around rather than going for the first vacation you see.


Meribel is a beautiful ski resort in the French Alps, so if you’re looking for a bit of fun and an adrenaline rush, this is the place for you. The destination is absolutely beautiful, and it is a firm favorite with so many people. There’s plenty to do there when you’re not on the slopes as well, just check out this Meribel area guide for more information! If you haven’t considered a ski/snowboarding vacation before, there’s a couple of reason why you need to. They’re just so much fun. If you don’t know how to, there’s going to be plenty of places near you that will offer classes teaching you how to do either one. If you’re not a fan of the cold, you’ll often find things get pretty hot, and you’ll most likely get sunburn whilst you’re up there. There’s plenty to do food and drinks wise, and you’ll often find that there are plenty of bars and restaurants dotted up the mountain. Just hope off the ski lift and head into one of the establishments for a couple of pints before hitting the slopes. All you’ll need to buy beforehand is a bit of equipment, but you can usually find this cheaper on the internet.


America is often on many different buckets lists, because there’s just so many different places people want to go. A lot of people are drawn to the attractions of Florida, whilst others are looking for the crazy heights of New York. One thing we do know with this vacation however, is that it can be rather expensive. Even just booking the vacation can put a dent in your pocket, let alone the spending money. But again, if you shop around you will be able to find good deals. If you go for two weeks, you can easily go to Florida with flights and accommodation for 1000.

Make This Year A Year Of Travel

You just need to be frugal and not always go for the biggest and best hotel. After all, you probably won’t be spending that much time in it anyway! Make sure you budget enough for spending money as well. Although the food portions may be big, the price it comes with can be a little expensive. You will be looking at spending a lot if you want to visit all the attractions as well!

So there you have it, two affordable vacations, and how to make them a little more affordable. If you’re going to do anything in 2018, make sure it is a year full of new travel experiences.

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  1. I love this! I have to admit that yes, one of my biggest expenditures is buying food during the day while I’m at work. I need to learn to prepare something the day before to save some money. But yes, I would love to visit America, although I doubt I’ll have the money for it for a few years!

    Emma x | http://www.violetelm.com

  2. I made a goal to travel more this year too. I already plan on going to San Diego in May, but I want to take a couple more trips as well. I have a couple apps that will send me low price alerts and I’m hoping some of the more financially ambitious trips I want to make become a little more affordable.

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