Simple Fall Wreath – with Repurposed Materials

Simple Fall Wreath – with Repurposed Materials

Fall wreath

As it finally starts to cool down in Houston, I found myself remising about the warmer days of fall. And thought about sharing this fall wreath I had made.

I have to admit that I am a hoarder of materials! And this DIY was made possible by this hoarding condition! Some of the materials that I used are from a previous DIY that I will later share.

I wanted a new wreath but I wasn’t sure what I wanted or how much I wanted to spend. So, I thought about making one. And once I get an idea rolling, it’s hard to pump the breaks (my husband can attest to this). I’m a DIY-holic! Wait, is this even a term?

Back to the wreath, I couldn’t talk myself out of wanting a new wreath. I mean, my door has rocked the same fall wreath for a few years (thanks to my mamá, who gifted it to me). But I figured I could same money by repurposing this same wreath. I pulled a metal ring that I had from the previous DIY I mentioned and the wreath that my mom had given me.

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One Pan Bacon Sausage Potatoes

One Pan Bacon Sausage Potatoes

As you are getting to know me, you’ll realize that I cook a lot. Especially, if you follow me on Instagram, where I will usually post videos and photos of what I’m making for the day.

I truly enjoy cooking! Even on days that I have no idea what to make and feel like I’m in an episode of Chopped; as I scramble to make dinner for my husband, six year old, myself (and sometimes my one year old). You see, the one year old is one picky eater, I feed her of course, but sometimes it takes multiple offerings for her to agree to even taste what I’ve cooked. And most times, she realizes I was offering a tasty meal anyway.

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Hola, Welcome!

Hola, my name is Nailil! I am a mom to two beautiful girls and a tiny Chihuahua. I am married to a US ARMY Veteran (who I immensely admire for his bravery and service). I am also a tea fanatic, foodie, occasional traveler, Christian music listener, cook, and DIYer. I was born in Panama thus fluent in Spanish, partially raised in Germany (but didn’t pick up the language while there) and have lived in the US for years.

I started this blog with a bit of anxiety and doubt but lots of faith. While, reminding myself that God will lead the way, and adopting Mark 11:24 as my motivation to pursue this dream.

Wishing to share life, food, travel, DIYs, fashion and more. My hope is that you will like what I share, come back frequently and that along the way I am able to connect with so many people; that our interactions, though virtual, become more of a friendship.

What’s behind the name? I have known that I wanted to work online since forever. And this year, that I turned 29, I decided to go for it. That’s why I chose Thirty Minus One, I feel that it’s meaningful!

I won’t rant on, but I hope that you will come back and check out my future posts, leave comments, follow me on Instagram and Pinterest.

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