Simple Fall Wreath (with repurposed materials)

wreath upper view

As it finally starts to cool down in Houston, I found myself remising about the warmer days of fall. And thought about sharing this fall wreath I had made.

I have to admit that I am a hoarder of materials! And this DIY was made possible by this hoarding condition! Some of the materials that I used are from a previous DIY that I will later share.

I wanted a new wreath but I wasn’t sure what I wanted or how much I wanted to spend. So, I thought about making one. And once I get an idea rolling, it’s hard to pump the breaks (my husband can attest to this). I’m a DIY-holic! Wait, is this even a term?

Back to the wreath, I couldn’t talk myself out of wanting a new wreath. I mean, my door has rocked the same fall wreath for a few years (thanks to my mamá, who gifted it to me). But I figured I could same money by repurposing this same wreath. I pulled a metal ring that I had from the previous DIY I mentioned and the wreath that my mom had given me.

Then, I carefully pulled the wreath apart and kept whatever materials I thought I’d like to use. I saved the rest just in case I needed them later – or maybe because I am really a hoarder. And got to work!

Fall wreathThese are all the materials from the previous wreath; pumpkin, berries, pine cones and leaves. You can also see the burlap which I used to make a bow and the ring from my previous DIY. I didn’t spend any money on this wreath, as I had all the materials but I am sure you can find all these at a crafts store like Hobby Lobby or Michaels. I frequent both, but do you prefer one over the other? I’d like to read your comments on this.

Fall wreathThis is the bow that I made out of burlap. I did cut the burlap in half to get the width that I desired for the bow, since it was such a small wreath. Then I arranged the materials how I wanted and simply secured them with burlap pieces (which looked like string) after I unraveled a piece that I was going to trash anyway.

BowThis wreath is super simple, which I love. Sometimes the simplest decorations are the one that make us happiest. Below are photos of the finished wreath. Not too bad for a repurposed wreath, right?

Wreath side viewwreath upper viewThis is how the wreath adorned our front door. It’s a really simple wreath but I was very pleased with it. Once I added a few more touches by the entry, I liked it even more.

Front door fall decor I failed to take additional photos of the entry after adding flowers!

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