Friday Favorite: Kicking off December with Vellabox

Friday Favorite: Kicking off December with Vellabox

Happy Friday and Happy December! I can’t believe it’s the last month of the year. Yikes! 2017 just flew by. Today’s Friday Favorite is Vellabox, a candle subscription box. Because I feel that candles are the easiest way to show a home some TLC; I mean they make any room fragrant.  I wanted to share this with you.

I personally love to light a candle when I have guests coming and even when I’m alone. And what’s really neat about Vellabox is that they send you artisan candles – way better than most store bought candles – for as little as $10 per month. The candles are handpicked non-toxic, lead free, hand poured, from the best companies in the country. So each month you discover a new candle company to fall in love with.

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The Perfect Canvas from Photowall

We all have that one room in our home that is neglected, right?! I’m not alone in this or am I? Well, in our home, our Game Room had been neglected for many months. Not because of a lack of ideas but a lack of motivation to complete the project. This changed when I found the perfect canvas to dress up the walls.

Home Decor, Decor, Home, Canvas, DIY Canvas, Wall Art, Colorful, Houston, Houston Skyline, Texas Decor, Game Room, Game Room Art, How to DIY Canvas

Home Decor, Decor, Home, Canvas, DIY Canvas, Wall Art, Colorful, Houston, Houston Skyline, Texas Decor, Game Room, Game Room Art, How to DIY Canvas

By now, you know that I am not a Houston native, but I love this city. And when I saw that our beautiful skyline was an available design with Photowall, I did a little happy dance. 🙂 I mean, not only had I found the perfect design but the colors were a perfect match for our Game Room. This canvas really brought life to the space.

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Five Ways to Add Personality to your Apartment – without Breaking the Bank

Getting a new apartment is an exciting time. I remember the very first time I got my first apartment without my family or roommates. It was so exciting! All throughout college, I had lived with roommates and for the most part didn’t do much decorating because it was a shared space. So when I was getting my first apartment alone, I couldn’t wait to start planning how I would make it my own.

That being said I was also a new college grad with limited funds. I knew I wanted to add my personality to the place but I also knew that I needed to do so on a budget. Here are five smart ways to add personality to your new apartment without breaking the bank.

Make Your Own Art

I didn’t initially plan to make my art. I went to a few places, like Ross and Marshalls, to look for art. Store after store I just couldn’t find anything I wanted to look at every day. I went to a local discount arts and crafts store to see what they had in stock.

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Overwhelmed by Color Swatches?

A guide to picking paint colors for your home

By Christine H.

Wall color is something that rarely stands out to us. In fact, sometimes that’s the point. However, it can have a major effect on the psychological impact of a room. According to the color scheme and how it’s handled, a room can feel cheap or posh, dramatic or cozy.

The color of your walls (and floor and ceiling) can either bring the whole room together, or throw the whole room off. It can affect how the room holds light, or how strained your eyes feel, and how good your furniture looks. It can make a room feel set apart from the rest of the house or seamlessly integrated into a progression from room to room.

If you get anxious about picking out colors for a room, here are some tips, from the experts, that can help you get started:

Making a Plan

To start out with you need to plan more than the wall colors themselves. Designing a room that’s thoughtful and coordinated-looking will include considering everything from the carpet on the floor to the color of the ceiling, including all furniture, curtains, decorations, wall hangings, and fabrics. So, it’s a good idea to have an overall plan first. For you, that process might consist of taking stock of what you have, creating a vision board, or finding your perfect statement piece. This article has some great tips for getting started on envisioning your dream home’s interior.

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Vintage Desk Make Over for Girl’s Room

I was searching for a desk, as my daughter was close to starting first grade. And had my eye on an IKEA desk. Knowing that I am all about DIYs, my husband found me a desk for a desk make over instead.

Vintage Desk Make Over

He was browsing online and came across a post from a teacher whose school was giving away vintage school desks for free! The desk was in great condition, all I had to do was buy a handful of supplies and get to work.

School Desk

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Foyer Reveal: Decorating the Entryway on a Budget

Foyer Reveal: Decorating the Entryway on a Budget

The entryway of a home is one of the most important places, as it sets the tone for what your guest can expect the rest of your home to look and feel like. I dreamt of decorating this space from the time we signed the contract to have our home built.

Entryway decor

Ottoman | MirrorRug | Pillow Cover | Bird Pillow | Feather Pillow Insert | Artificial Grass | Ombre Basket

When we finally moved in, my priorities had shifted and at some point decorating this area fell to the bottom of our to-do list. The foyer, looked so uninviting; nothing like what I had visualized.

In an effort to tackle this area of our home, I began by adding a bench. I opted for a bench over a console table because I personally feel that tables become a landing places; filled with phones, keys, toys, etc. I wanted to avoid this and the bench has actually worked perfectly. It is mostly decorative because we don’t use it much, but this means the area stays clean.

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