Easy No Bake Strawberry Mini Cream Pies

Easy No Bake Strawberry Mini Cream Pies

Did you know that today is National Pie Day? Yes, there’s such a thing. In an effort to share more easy and delicious recipes with you, I whipped up these strawberry cream pies. Not only are these perfect to celebrate today but also for entertaining. 😉

Valentine’s Day is around the corner and I think these would be perfect for a Gal-entine’s Party treat. Because they’re super easy to make, you could make it a fun family activity and treat! Or even make them for your office party. The possibilities are endless and these are a real crowd pleaser.

The best part is that only a handful of ingredients are needed to put together these delicious individual pies. You will need already made pie crust, if you want to take the easy route – I did! If you’re into making your own crust, you can find an easy recipe online. You will also need; Strawberries, Jell-o, Cool Whip, hot/cold water and ice. That’s it! Now, to make them, keep scrolling…

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Making Strawberry Cream Pies

First, start with adding boiling water to a bowl and mixing in the Jell-o, making sure to stir until jell-o is dissolved. Then add the cold water and ice, the mix will slightly firm. You can set it aside for a few minutes to help it firm. Once the mix has sat out for a few minutes, you can whisk in the cool whip. It should now be fluffy and you can add the strawberries at this point. Now, add the filling to the pie crusts and refrigerate for a few hours. They will continue to firm in the refrigerator and once you remove them, you can garnish them as desired, with whipped cream, fresh strawberries, etc.

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