How I’m Preparing for Back to School with Dollar General

This post is sponsored by Dollar General but all the content and opinions expressed here are my own.

Summer is in full swing and while we’re enjoying it to the fullest, I am thinking ahead to back-to-school season! When I learned about Dollar General’s Teachers List feature online, I thought I’d get a head start on my shopping. This new feature gives parents access to the school supply list by simply entering the zip code. 😃 

As a mom, I’m always looking for a great deal, that’s why I love shopping at Dollar General, I can always find our favorite brands at affordable pricing. While shopping at our local store, I found everything the girls needed, from drinks and snacks to backpacks and lunch kits.

I made sure to pick up some of our favorites for their lunches; like the Good & Smart Cranberry Trail Mix which is packed with protein and their Milk Chocolate Bars a sweet treat and participating item of the Dollar General Literacy Foundation. Program which gives back to the Dollar General Literacy Foundation. When you purchase 1 of the products shown, 100% of proceeds go to the DG Literacy Foundation. 

This is important to me and family, because we like being involved in giving back. You can find ways to give back this back-to-school season too by learning more about the program here: https://www.dgliteracy.org/

If you’ve been coming here for a while, you know I have two girls. Well, this year’s back to school prep is a little different because both girls are going to school, one to fourth and one to preschool! This means double supplies but with the Spend $15 Save $5, I’ve got nothing to worry about. 

I was even able to get a few items to help their teachers get ready for this school year. Although, Dollar General is already helping teachers by offering a 20% OFF Teacher’s Discount when they show their school badge at the register. I wanted to do something extra, so I picked up a few cleaning supplies for the classroom and a few treats for them too. 

The girls thought this was a great idea and even though they don’t know who their teachers will be just yet, they can’t wait to meet them and give them the goodies I picked up for each. I’m glad to have gotten a headstart on back to school shopping because it will be here in no time. 

Be sure to stop by Dollar General for all of your BTS needs!

I’m Giving Back this Holiday Season with a little help from Kroger and Huggies

I’m Giving Back this Holiday Season with a little help from Kroger and Huggies

This post is sponsored by Huggies, but the content and opinions expressed here are my own.

Did you know that per a study by Huggies and the National Diaper Bank Network, 1 in 3 U.S. families struggle with diaper need or the struggle to provide enough diapers to keep a baby or toddler clean, dry and healthy? I didn’t! But when I learned this, I knew I had to do something. So, I decided to spread the word and join Huggies and Kroger as they have teamed up to help these families through the No Baby Unhugged program.

How? Well, with every pack of Huggies Snug & Dry Diapers purchase at Kroger now through December 5, Huggies and Kroger will donate a day’s worth of diapers to the National Diaper Bank Network. Because little ones deserve to be clean, dry and healthy I am making my purchase to pitch in.

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It’s ironic that with such a need, sixty-five percent of affected families are unaware that diaper banks offer diaper assistance in their respective community. This is why we need to spread the word about the No Baby Unhugged program.

As a mom, I honestly can’t imagine not having access to diapers, a vital item for babies and toddlers. And to think that seventy-three percent of all families feel they’re not being good parents when their children are left too long in dirty diapers just breaks my heart. Parenting is hard enough as it is, not having access to diapers should not be a reason for a parent to doubt their worth.

You may be thinking that you can’t do much to help but you’re wrong. Just by purchasing Huggies Snug & Dry Diapers at Kroger, you can support those families struggling with diaper needs. This is an easy way to give back this holiday season. So, don’t wait, make your purchase at Kroger today and help those in need.

Learn more about the No Baby Unhugged program here.

huggies, diapers, toddler, babies, infants, No Baby Unhugged program, diaper bank network, diaper need, holiday giving

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Building Confident Children

By Alek Sabin

Parenting has got to be one of the most stressful jobs on the face of the Earth, but it is also one of the most rewarding. Raising children and passing on all of the knowledge you’ve accrued in your own life is one of the most fulfilling goals that you can live up to, and gives many people a stronger sense of purpose, once they’ve had kids.

However, there’s a lot that can go wrong, when it comes to raising children, and you can’t possibly be there for them for every part of growing up. For this reason, it’s important to raise children who are confident and learn to take care of themselves in new and frightening situations. Here are some tips on how you can raise more confident children…

Encourage active habits

Nowadays, it’s all too common that children stay indoors all day. This isn’t to knock kids today, as it is more a sign of the times than anything, but there are real benefits to spending your childhood getting outside and physically doing things!  Children who play outside are healthier and have an easier time doing physical activities, such as sports and dance. Playing outside also offers children the chance to socialize with other children, and learn how to get along with new people that they haven’t met before. This is an important skill that leads to more confidence, in the future.

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