Back to School Shopping and Trendy Finds at Burkes Outlets

Back to school shopping has to be my favorite thing to do with Nayelli! We’ve been doing BTS shopping for five years now but this year is really special because Nalani is joining us! Yes, I will have two kids in school this time around and I’m experiencing all the feels 😔! She’s going into pre-school and I can hardly believe it. So, to get a head-start on our shopping, we headed to Burkes Outlet! If you remember, I’ve shared my favorite finds from a recent haul here before. And because I found some great deals on my last haul, I knew I had to keep Burkes at the top of my shopping list for back to school season.

I love being able to find on trend styles at affordable prices, this is why I turned to Burkes Outlet to help get their wardrobes ready for the new school year. The best part is being able to conveniently shop both online and in-store. This time we decided to do most of our back to school shopping in store and the girls loved it. It was such a fun experience. This store is relatively new to our area and I couldn’t be more excited to have a Burkes Outlet close by. 😃

They each found the cutest tops and bottoms. Nayelli just couldn’t wait to get home and start putting outfits together with all the items she picked out. School doesn’t start for a few more weeks but she’s already thinking about which outfit she will wear on the first day of school. Burkes Outlet offers a lot more than clothing! The girls were also able to find the backpacks they will use this school year. There’s a large selection from fun characters to brand names like Jansport.

While shopping, they also found their favorite bows by JoJo to accessorize their outfits. I feel like we are ready for school after doing our shopping and can’t wait to share more of the outfits the girls picked out with you. If you have little ones who are going to school soon, make Burkes Outlet your Back to School destination. 😉




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How I’m Preparing for Back to School with Dollar General

This post is sponsored by Dollar General but all the content and opinions expressed here are my own.

Summer is in full swing and while we’re enjoying it to the fullest, I am thinking ahead to back-to-school season! When I learned about Dollar General’s Teachers List feature online, I thought I’d get a head start on my shopping. This new feature gives parents access to the school supply list by simply entering the zip code. 😃 

As a mom, I’m always looking for a great deal, that’s why I love shopping at Dollar General, I can always find our favorite brands at affordable pricing. While shopping at our local store, I found everything the girls needed, from drinks and snacks to backpacks and lunch kits.

I made sure to pick up some of our favorites for their lunches; like the Good & Smart Cranberry Trail Mix which is packed with protein and their Milk Chocolate Bars a sweet treat and participating item of the Dollar General Literacy Foundation. Program which gives back to the Dollar General Literacy Foundation. When you purchase 1 of the products shown, 100% of proceeds go to the DG Literacy Foundation. 

This is important to me and family, because we like being involved in giving back. You can find ways to give back this back-to-school season too by learning more about the program here: https://www.dgliteracy.org/

If you’ve been coming here for a while, you know I have two girls. Well, this year’s back to school prep is a little different because both girls are going to school, one to fourth and one to preschool! This means double supplies but with the Spend $15 Save $5, I’ve got nothing to worry about. 

I was even able to get a few items to help their teachers get ready for this school year. Although, Dollar General is already helping teachers by offering a 20% OFF Teacher’s Discount when they show their school badge at the register. I wanted to do something extra, so I picked up a few cleaning supplies for the classroom and a few treats for them too. 

The girls thought this was a great idea and even though they don’t know who their teachers will be just yet, they can’t wait to meet them and give them the goodies I picked up for each. I’m glad to have gotten a headstart on back to school shopping because it will be here in no time. 

Be sure to stop by Dollar General for all of your BTS needs!

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