Lobster Tails in under 30 Minutes!

Lobster Tails in under 30 Minutes!

Making lobster tails? That was a definite first. Really, how many people think the lobster is a fancy meal?! I’m raising my hand on this one! It’s like steak; a special occasion meal.

Quite frankly, I never thought that lobster was affordable enough for me to buy and make at home. But while shopping I noticed the promotional price on the lobster tails; and I had to buy some.

I’ll confess that I got ahead of myself and bought the tails without having a plan on how to prepare them, but making them wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be.

Cutting the lobsters tails

Cut through the top part of the tail with kitchen scissors. Then flip and crack the ribs through the bottom to open up the shell and loosen up the meat.

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