Valentine’s Day Picks for Every Budget

Anyone else counting down to Valentine’s Day? 🙋🏽‍♀️ I mean, it’s only a little over a week from today! So that means that it’s time to buckle down and start doing some shopping, am I right?! And of course, I have done part of the work for you 😉 I got to browsing the web and rounded up some options for you to consider. Just keep scrolling and check out some of my Valentine’s Day picks, from dresses to shoes and accessories. You will find a little bit of everything, at a friendly budget. 😉

  1. Slides -these are just perfect for Valentine’s Day and beyond.
  2. Romper – because this one is so flattering and the color is beautiful.
  3. White dress – is perfect for brunch with the girls.
  4. Blazer – this one can be worn well into spring but it’s perfect for a Galentine’s lunch.
  5. Pink loafers – these are perfect to wear pretty much year round.
  6. Pink Earrings – anything beaded is a good idea, right?
  7. Heart Earrings – I mean these just scream V-Day.
  8. Lips Tee – this one you can wear time and time again, with a skirt, jeans, etc..
  9. Nail Polish – pink nails go beyond Valentine’s Day so this is a good investment.
  10. Leather Leggings – are my fave and can be worn with so many cute tops.
  11. Pink Dress – this dress is too cute to pass up.
  12. Red Dress – the pleaded detail in this dress is enough of an excuse to buy it.
  13. Sweater Dress – if it’s a bit cooler in your area a sweater dress is a great option.
  14. Studded Pumps – these pumps are a classic and can be styled with so many looks, perhaps worn again for Easter.
  15. Pink Lipstick – this lipstick is my new favorite and I totally recommend it.
  16. Nude Handbag – a neutral bag is always a good idea and this one is a great option.
  17. Pink Sweater – isn’t this the perfect shade of pink?
  18. Red Dress – the sleeves alone make this dress a must.
  19. Pink Tank Top – it’s perfect for layering and you can wear it right into spring.
  20. Red Blouse – pair it with jeans and you’ve got an outfit, just add accessories and maybe a pair of booties.
  21. Lace Dress – lace is always a good idea and this one has the perfect amount of lace.


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Trendy Thursday LinkUP + The Perfect Valentine’s Day Dress

Valentine’s Day is exactly 14 days away and if you plan to go out and celebrate this Valentine’s Day Dress could be the perfect option. 😉 I stumbled upon this dress while shopping for a jacket for upcoming Rodeo festivities here in Houston. So, I decided to order it thinking it would be the perfect little number this Valentine’s Day. Wether you celebrate with the girls or with a significant other, this would be perfect for dinner. I paired it with heels in this look, statement earrings and favorite crossbody handbag. I am linking other dress options for you below. 🙂

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Valentine’s Day Look; Pearl Beaded Blouse

Valentine's Day, Pearl Embellished Blouse, Pearls, Pearl details,

Happy Thursday Friends! Can you believe Valentine’s Day is only a few days away? If you’re still in need of outfit inspirations, I’m brining you this darling pearl beaded blouse. It is the perfect blouse to go out and celebrate with your other half on a date night or with your closest gals for brunch. But besides the pearls, did you spot the other details? I mean the sleeves are quite the statement, a delicate one but a statement nonetheless.

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Easy No Bake Strawberry Mini Cream Pies

Easy No Bake Strawberry Mini Cream Pies

Did you know that today is National Pie Day? Yes, there’s such a thing. In an effort to share more easy and delicious recipes with you, I whipped up these strawberry cream pies. Not only are these perfect to celebrate today but also for entertaining. 😉

Valentine’s Day is around the corner and I think these would be perfect for a Gal-entine’s Party treat. Because they’re super easy to make, you could make it a fun family activity and treat! Or even make them for your office party. The possibilities are endless and these are a real crowd pleaser.

The best part is that only a handful of ingredients are needed to put together these delicious individual pies. You will need already made pie crust, if you want to take the easy route – I did! If you’re into making your own crust, you can find an easy recipe online. You will also need; Strawberries, Jell-o, Cool Whip, hot/cold water and ice. That’s it! Now, to make them, keep scrolling…

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Making Strawberry Cream Pies

First, start with adding boiling water to a bowl and mixing in the Jell-o, making sure to stir until jell-o is dissolved. Then add the cold water and ice, the mix will slightly firm. You can set it aside for a few minutes to help it firm. Once the mix has sat out for a few minutes, you can whisk in the cool whip. It should now be fluffy and you can add the strawberries at this point. Now, add the filling to the pie crusts and refrigerate for a few hours. They will continue to firm in the refrigerator and once you remove them, you can garnish them as desired, with whipped cream, fresh strawberries, etc.

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Valentine’s Day (DIY) T-Shirt

Valentine’s Day (DIY) T-Shirt

In preparation for the Valentines Day school party, my oldest and I decided to do a DIY t-shirt. Our Valentine’s Day included quite a few DIYs! Did you check out the Backyard photo shoot I did with the girls?

Back to the t-shirt! I had seen a fairly easy tutorial on Pinterest. So, after looking over the instructions, we headed to Hobby Lobby for some supplies! And bought a Gildan brand Youth Small Short Sleeve T-Shirt and a Pink Fabric Creations Soft Fabric Ink.

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