A Day in Atlanta – Georgia Aquarium Adventure

First, are we friends on Instagram? If we’re not! Get to it. You’re missing out on all the live shares of my adventures. Like this trip to the Georgia Aquarium. Yes! It all happens there first and then I come to The Blog to spill details on everything. You can find me under Thirtyminusone_blog. 😉

So, last month I spent over three weeks in Georgia. It’s where my family lives and was home for a few years and where my husband and I met. We still have friends there and love going back to get away from the city life – ok, I do live in the suburbs but it’s a complete scenery change.

Georgia Aquarium


While I didn’t have any big plans for our time there. The Georgia Aquarium was a must. Why? Because it’s simply amazing! And because we have been taking our oldest since she was little. Now that she’s six, I thought she would appreciate it all a little more. And because our two year old is more aware of her surroundings, loves ocean creatures and I thought she would also enjoy it.

My husband stayed behind because he had to work, and the day that he flew into Atlanta, is the day that we choose for our adventure. After picking him up from the airport, we headed to the Aquarium. Buying the tickets was a seamless process, we bought them online which came with a savings; these were then emailed to me and easily scanned for us to access the Aquarium.

A Day in Atlanta

I was pleasantly surprised with the Dolphin exhibit. This was a new one for us, since we had not visited in a little over a year. Now, the tropical exhibit is hands down my favorite – it has always been. It’s just so colorful! And being able to talk about it with my six year old made it a little more special. She gets me, and was as fascinated as I was.

Thirty Minus One

We spent a few hours there and then walked through Centennial Park before heading to Hard Rock Café for a bite. A few years back while in London, we visited what was the first Hard Rock Café ever, and since started collecting their glasses. Each time we visit a new city we try to stop by, get a bite and take a souvenir glass with us.

In all honesty, we didn’t do a whole lot, but it was the perfect family fun day. Now, if you’re ever in the Atlanta area, you have a few activities that you can add to your itinerary. You’re Welcome! 😉

Thirty Minus One

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Getaway to Destin’s Sandy Beaches

Living in Georgia had its perks, we were right on the border with Alabama and only hours from Florida-Georgia line. This led to many visits to Panama city in the past. And our most recent, a trip Destin, Florida. We planned all the details of this trip about two weeks prior to traveling. As a birthday celebration for our oldest.

Let me tell you, it was a great trip. So, keep reading to check on my all recommendations

Destin Beach


I will admit that because we stayed with the Destin Army Recreation Area; I am not familiar with the service or quality of other hotels in the area. But if you are a military family, I recommend that you check them out. The room was spacious, there was ample parking, lots of recreational options and great location – right off the water and close to other Destin amenities.


If you are in Destin or near, you have got to check out the Donut hole. It’s a diner style restaurant which I could compare to IHOP; but better.

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Panama: Part III – Bocas del Toro

Panama: Part III – Bocas del Toro

If you have been following along my Panama adventure, thanks for coming back to read the last post in the series! If you’re just joining me, thanks for visiting, you can catch up here.

On the previous post, I shared details about a five-point tour that we did upon arriving in Bocas del Toro. That tour was great for two reasons. One, it was an all day event and two, we got to see a lot more than we would have on our own.

Books Town, Bocas del Toro

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Panama: Part II – Bocas del Toro

Before our trip to Panama one thing was certain – aside from visiting friends and family – we wanted to take on an adventure. The kind of adventure that goes on your bucket list and you feel accomplished to scratch off once you’ve done it. Bocas del Toro was just that for us, one heck of an adventure. Am I longing to go back? Absolutely! Am I trying to persuade people to visit? Maybe…

And if I was asked to sum up Bocas del toro in as few words as possible. I’d say it is Panama’s hidden gem.

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