Beer Flights and Fútbol, Six Beers to have while Watching the Soccer Tournaments

Beer Flights and Fútbol, Six Beers to have while Watching the Soccer Tournaments
This post was done in collaboration with Cost Plus World Market and #WeAllGrow Latina Network. All opinions are my own.

A Fútbol Fiesta with Beer Flights and Bites? Yes, please! In our home soccer is the ONE sport that we watch as a family; whether we are rooting for the same team or different teams. Our love for the sport is not only rooted in our heritage but also in our personal experiences. I played soccer in high school and so did my two sisters; and now my little ones are planning to play soccer, as they get older too.

Because this summer is the Summer of Soccer, we are getting ready to host a series of viewing parties. Especially, as we see Panama take part in what will be their first game ever in the history of the tournament – they had never participated before, so it’s a big deal in my home – therefore a celebration is mandatory!

To celebrate, I thought it would be perfect to host our Fútbol Fiesta with Beer Flights and Bites! After all, beer and fútbol just seem to go hand-in-hand. So to get ready, I visited the Katy Cost Plus World Market – find yours here. They have food and wine from over 50 countries and because I needed to get my hands on beers from around the world, it only made sense to shop there. Cost Plus World Market is this Summer of Soccer shopper’s one-stop shop for entertaining, decorating and food and drink needs at any budget. I was happy to have found exactly what I was looking for, at amazingly affordable prices.

I picked out six beers for the beer flights and after picking the beers; I headed over to the food area to find some bites that would compliment the beers. I found delicious bourbon popcorn, crunchy sweet plantain chips, and sweet and salty almonds. Because I got some Italian beer, I thought it would be ideal to have a spread of cheeses, salami and baguette crisps. But I didn’t stop there…. I was also able to find some entertainment essentials. Like the shot glasses and Olivewood Cheese Cutting Board that I needed for the beer flights. I got some additional items, which made it easy to serve all the bites -I’m linking those for you below.

The (Six) Beer Flights 

My picks for the beer flights included Birra Moretti, Peroni, Purple Haze, Lagunitas IPA, Red Stripe and Tsingtao. Birra Moretti and Peroni, which I had in Italy before are light bodied and paired well with the cheeses, salami and baguette crisps tray. Purple Haze from Louisiana, is a personal favorite! It is a bit darker in color but light in taste, and I loved pairing it with the sweet and salty almonds and bourbon popcorn. Lagunitas IPA was a new one for me! It is dark in color and has a robust and fruity taste. So, I liked the way it contrasted the salty pretzels. Jamaica’s Red Stripe is one that I had seen many times before, but not tried. I liked the taste; it is light and went well with the crumbled sausage Margheritta flatbread. Lastly, China’s Tsingtao was another new flavorful beer to add to my list of favorites. Light bodied and it paired well with the plantain chips.

As promised, below are the items that I purchased at Cost Plus World Market. You can shop online and even find some of these at your local store to make your summer entertaining a breeze. 😉

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