The Easy Way to Make Chicken Wraps

The Easy Way to Make Chicken Wraps

Happy Tuesday! So weeknight meals need to be quick right? But also delicious! I wanted to try something different in last week, so I made these crispy ranch chicken wraps. And let me tell you that not only were they easy to make, but they were also very tasty. This four recipe meal was served in under thirty minutes and fed my little family of four. If you’re ready to make this, take notes…

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Making the wraps

You will need about four chicken breasts, panko bread crumbs and oil to make the crispy chicken. Coat the chicken with the bread crumbs according to the instructions on the package of your bread crumbs of choice – and fry until golden. You will also need tortilla wraps, cilantro (optional) and cheese – lots of it. 😉

Once the chicken is done, place as many pieces as you’d like on the tortilla wrap, add cilantro and cheese. Close the wrap and place on a countertop grill for a few minutes, so that the cheese can melt. Remove from the grill and serve warm.

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