Trendy Thursday LinkUP + The Softest Chenille Sweater

Chenille… Did you get any this winter? I did! I mean, this is one of the softest fabrics there is when it comes to clothing, so why wouldn’t I? At first I wasn’t sure if I’d add any to my closet but when I saw this sweater I caved. I love the fabric, like I’ve said but there’s also something about this color and how rich it is that I had to get the sweater. I don’t love winter but I do love some of the styles that come with it… and besides chenille, I have been obsessing over booties. This black pair has been my go-to all season long.

Speaking of go-to, these Levi’s jeans are also on the list. I have worn these over and over again. They’re at a higher price point but it’s one of those pieces that are worth the money. I am linking all the items on today’s look below for you to check out. 😉 I hope you have a great weekend; and I’ll see you next week!

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