The Nose Knows Why Fragrance Matters In Decor

When we think about décor, most of the time we think about how a room looks, and then about how it feels and how comfortable it is. We have more than two senses, however, and they are all important for making our environment feel pleasant to us. Yet many people neglect the importance of one of the most emotionally evocative senses: smell. Here, we’re going to look at why scent is so important in the home, and how to make the most impact on it with just a few tips.


It’s about strategic placement

Bad odors tend to have the habit of hanging around a lot longer than we would like. There are good reasons for that, too. Soft furnishings can make a room feel luxurious and extra-comfortable, but their fibers tend to trap in the things floating around in the air. They hold onto those bad smells, so when you’re trying to give the room a bit of fragrance, they can hold onto good smells, as well.

When you’re placing candles, incense sticks, aroma diffuser or anything else, try to maximize the exposure of the softer furnishings in the home. The bed, the curtains, your couch, and so on. Of course, if you’re using candles or anything else that burns, be careful in your placement. You don’t want your lovely new couch becoming a fire risk.

Fill the home

From candles to essential oils, all your fragrance-creating products have an effective range to them and improving the scent of the home is about maximizing that range as much as possible. Diffusion technology like Aromatech offers easy distribution of a scent throughout the air by spraying it out through the air. Otherwise, you have to be a little cleverer about how you get the scent to fill more of the home. Make sure that the source of the scent isn’t obstructed by furniture, clean any ventilation in the home, and think about using a ceiling fan to help it spread a little further.

Keep it constant

More active measures like candles and aroma diffusers can help you eliminate bad odors and spread the good scents without having to wait too long if they’re used right. But how do you compliment them and help the air stay fresh and breathable all day long? Houseplants are a source of scent that never runs out (providing you look after them), and DIY Network has examples of some of the most fragrant houseplants to help liven up any room. What’s more, houseplants are good for the air quality in general, cleaning it and producing more oxygen. They’re also a good source of relaxation, which is the one thing about all else you want a good scent to help you achieve.

Your home can look beautiful and feel comfortable, but if bad smells linger in the air, it’s hard to enjoy it. What’s more, a drop of fragrance can help set the scene all the more. The next time you’re making changes to your décor, make sure you follow your nose, too.

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