A Vacation Can Be A Refreshing Experience – If You Do It Right


A vacation can be a refreshing experience, if you do it right. This means taking the time to plan your travel exploits in ways that make sense to you. People are drawn to taking vacations for multiple reasons. Either they feel that this will give them a necessary mental pause, or that they will experience a cultural adventure worth having.

It could be that they simply want to relax in a beautiful location, such as the Courtyard Nassau Downtown in the Bahamas. Sitting on a beach, sipping on a cocktail and listening to relaxing music can be most people’s idea of heaven, and we have absolutely no cause to dispute that idea.

What we can offer however are some simple tips that could potentially keep your overall travelling experience refreshing, something that will imbue you with relaxation and improve your general feelings when you return. Without further ado:


Many people head on vacation in an effort to see and do as much as possible. We’re certainly not complaining about that. This effort can inform you culturally, can enrich your experience and put you in touch with activities to boast about. Climbing Kilimanjaro, meditating in Buddhist temples or surfing the great waves of Australia can be incredible pursuits to take part in. If you do wish to relax, there’s no reason why you should feel like you have to lie down the entire vacation on a beach. In fact, a ‘play hard, relax hard’ mentality can inform your entire experience with a richness unknown to those who enjoy lazing around.

Instead of relaxing on a beach all day, why not relax there in the afternoon, and instead start your day with a customized spa morning overlooking the sea front? This can lend fresh relaxing power to your afternoon.

Another great way to stay refreshed on vacation is to take a day off/day on approach. This means that one day you sit and relax, or gently explore. The next day you fill with hardcore activities. This allows you to recharge and develop enough energy for the next day’s adventures, while then experiencing enough fatigue to make relaxing worthwhile and feel amazing. You can have the best of both worlds, and a one or two week visit will help mitigate this time well, and energize you all in the most enriching way possible.


Heading to new places, be those in your proverbial backyard or halfway across the world, can lend you a rich perspective. It makes every activity you take part in seem new and fresh. It can also help you feel more connected as a citizen of the world. A refreshing experience can only be gained when you are refreshed. While some people enjoy heading to the same resorts over and over each year, that doesn’t lend them a feeling of novelty or adventure. Some people think that relaxing in comfort is enough to be refreshed, but actually quite the contrary is true. We are designed to exit our comfort zones and experience something new continually, as it’s how our ancestors evolved and thrived.

In the microcosm of a vacation, you can see how this might also be the case. When you have thing to see, new people to meet and new foods to try, every second matters, meaning that you feel more present. When you come back, relaxing into your normal schedule can feel like a refreshing experience as a result, allowing the entire trip to have felt fresh and worthwhile.

We hope you have the most fun and wholesome vacation wherever you decide to go.

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  1. Thinking of my past vacations, I think these are all the reasons why I keep looking for it. Taking time to relax after stressful days surely is refreshing if it is done right. I love to just look at the ocean and breathe the sea breeze. It calms me and clears my mind.

  2. Really great idea to plan rest days throughout your vacation. I usually pack too much into each day and we get back totally drained! Will definitely do this next time!

  3. I love the idea of balance on a vacation. There are so many other ways to relax than just sitting on the beach (although I do love doing this) and also opportunities to make fun memories!!

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