A Few Valentine’s Day Decor Ideas for Your Home

Valentine's Day Decor Ideas for Your Home

I don’t know if I’m any of you are like this, but I love decorating our home with each holiday and/or season. I think Valentine’s Day is the first one of each year that I look forward to. And therefore Valentine’s Day Decor come out even if it is on a small scale. This is the decor that I added to our kitchen and while it is absolutely on the minimalist side, I love it. Each morning while I make my tea, make breakfast, pack lunches it brings out a smile.

If I were to give you a house tour, you’d see that there are hints of love throughout our home. Nalani, the littlest – has a bookshelf with her favorite Valentine’s Day books. She has a hearts garland similar to the one on the kitchen shelves. Even her sheets are of hearts pattern this year. Nayelli on the other hand has a light box that she will change with the seasons; it now reads ‘hugs and kisses’ and next month she will likely change it again. She also has heart throw pillows. This alone goes a long way, I have said it many times before, throw pillows can be the beginning of a space transformation. The beauty of it, is that you don’t have to invest on too many pillows. Simply buy pillow covers and change them periodically.

On to the kitchen decor, many of these items are not new. But I have found similar items that you can buy and add to your home as well. The mugs are my favorite, I have been a Rae Dunn fan for years and still love collecting them. It is the type of collectible item that can be used too, so it just makes sense to own. The garland, seemed like a fun add and as I mentioned, part of it is decorating another space in our home too. the ceramic houses have to be my favorite. I think they are the absolute cutest. Don’t you think so?

There are a few items I left off on the photos, but if you check out the Reel over at Thirty Minus One you’ll be able to see it all. Below I am adding the items that I used to decorate in case that you would like to shop these. Later this week, I will be sharing a few fun nail art ideas for Valentine’s Day, so make sure to stop by again.


Xx, Thirty Minus One

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