Beer Flights and Fútbol, Six Beers that Pair Well with Soccer Tournaments

This post was done in collaboration with Cost Plus World Market and #WeAllGrow Latina Network. All opinions are my own.

A Fútbol Fiesta with Beer Flights and Bites? Yes, please! In our home soccer is the ONE sport that we watch as a family; whether we are rooting for the same team or different teams. Our love for the sport is not only rooted in our heritage but also in our personal experiences. I played soccer in high school and so did my two sisters; and now my little ones are planning to play soccer, as they get older too.

Because this summer is the Summer of Soccer, we are getting ready to host a series of viewing parties. Especially, as we see Panama take part in what will be their first game ever in the history of the tournament – they had never participated before, so it’s a big deal in my home – therefore a celebration is mandatory!

To celebrate, I thought it would be perfect to host our Fútbol Fiesta with Beer Flights and Bites! After all, beer and fútbol just seem to go hand-in-hand. To get ready, I visited the Katy Cost Plus World Market – find yours here. They have food and wine from over 50 countries and because I needed to get my hands on beers from around the world, it only made sense to shop there.

Cost Plus World Market is this Summer of Soccer shopper’s one-stop shop for entertaining, decorating and food and drink needs at any budget. I was happy to have found exactly what I was looking for, at amazingly affordable prices.

I picked out six beers for the beer flights and after picking these, I headed over to the food area to find some bites that would compliment each beer. I found delicious bourbon popcorn, crunchy sweet plantain chips, and sweet and salty almonds. Because I got some Italian beer, I thought I could add a spread of cheeses, salami and baguette crisps.

I also found some entertainment essentials; like shot glasses and Olivewood Cheese Cutting Board I needed for the beer flights. And additional serving items, which made it easy to serve all the bites – I’m linking those for you below.

The (Six) Beer Flights 

My picks for the beer flights included Birra Moretti, Peroni, Purple Haze, Lagunitas IPA, Red Stripe and Tsingtao.

  • Birra Moretti and Peroni, which I had in Italy before are light bodied and paired well with the cheeses, salami and baguette crisps tray.
  • Purple Haze from Louisiana, is a personal favorite! It is a bit darker in color but light in taste, and I loved pairing it with the sweet and salty almonds and bourbon popcorn.
  • Lagunitas IPA was a new one for me! It is dark in color and has a robust and fruity taste. So, I liked the way it contrasted the salty pretzels.
  • Jamaica’s Red Stripe is one that I had seen many times before, but not tried. I liked the taste; it is light and went well with the crumbled sausage Margheritta flatbread. You could also try a chicken flatbread recipe.
  • Lastly, China’s Tsingtao was another new flavorful beer to add to my list of favorites. Light bodied and it paired well with the plantain chips.

As promised, below are the items that I purchased at Cost Plus World Market. You can shop online and even find some of these at your local store to make your summer entertaining a breeze. 😉

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  1. This looks like so much fun! I’m not a beer drinker but I know a few people who would love to try these products! I will definitely be recommending them!

  2. It looks like you are all set for the soccer tournament! I hope you really enjoyed tasting and enjoying the beers and delicious food you put on. This kind of thing would be a really nice addition to a party with friends

  3. So fun. What a great idea to have a flight of beers during a game at home!! That’s a great date night idea! Thanks so much for all your tasty ideas! Love it!

  4. How fun is this?? I love this idea, and I love the look of the spread you put out. Buying a few better beers to try as a fun flight at home during a game is a fantastic idea.

  5. What a great spread you put out!! I always forget that Cost Plus World Market has all those wines and beers. Great post!

  6. I don’t drink beer but everything else on you showcased on the platter is game! Lol. Next time I have a get together I will do the beer flight idea for my guests… it’s a great idea!

  7. Im just recently starting to enjoy beer! This post was a great read! Definitely something I will try in the future!! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  8. I’m not a beer drinker but all the snacks here look absolutely fabulous! This looks like a fun place to hang out and watch a game!

  9. I am not a beer drinker but this spread looks absolutely delicious! My husband would drink the beer for me – lol. BTW, love your manicure. Did you do it yourself?

  10. Nice spread and presentation looks absolutely fabulous! Although I am not a beer drinker I would rather drink champagne, I would totally attend your party! This is the best way to enjoy the game!

  11. This looks like a dream!! My husbands birthday is coming up, and I am definitely gonna have to show him this 😀

  12. I love this idea! We are always looking for unique ways to entertain our friends, and the beer flight idea will be making an appearance soon.

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