Easy Breakfast Recipe: Chorizo, Egg & Potatoes Tacos

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Tacos are a way of life in Texas! Ask anyone who lives here, they’ll agree πŸ˜‰ Seriously, from breakfast to lunch to dinner, there are so many ways to eat them.

I was never really big on breakfast tacos, but my husband loves and eats them so much, that they kind of grew on me. Though, we have our favorite Taco places here in Houston, sometimes it’s just easier for me to make them at home.

I always try to have tortillas, which I buy fresh from the bakery at Kroger. And other ingredients that I can add to the tortillas too, like eggs and bacon. This is a simple and my personal favorite breakfast taco combination.

But I also like to switch it up. So, I thought I’d try something different and bought some chorizo and frozen Potatoes O’Brien, which are perfectly diced with onions and peppers. This and a few eggs would make delicious breakfast tacos.

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breakfast, tacos, texmex, tex mex, food, foddie, eats, mexican, comal, cast iron griddle,

breakfast, tacos, texmex, tex mex, food, foddie, eats, mexican, comal, cast iron griddle,

Making the Tacos

Frist, I warmed up the tortillas in my husband’s grandmother’s Comal. Just a few days back we had been talking about family heirlooms and realized this is one of the few heirlooms from his family. A Mexican Comal is basically a round Cast Iron Griddle – it is my favorite tool for heating up tortillas.

Then, I added the chorizo to a pan and in another pan but at the same time started cooking the potatoes, according to the instructions on the package for about 10 minutes.

Once they were done, I just set each aside in a different plates. But you can mix them too, so that the potatoes can absorb some of the flavor from the chorizo – this is my preference. Finally, I started cooking the eggs and also set them aside once they were done.

The last step is to put the tacos together, a little bit of chorizo, some eggs, a handful of potatoes and then the cheese. All ingredients should be fairly warm which will help the cheese melt – yum! πŸ™‚

There is no right or wrong way to make these. You can add diced avocado, squeeze some lime or add cilantro. It’s your taco, so make it your way. As long as you have the base ingredients, you can get creative with the rest.

Do you fold or roll your tacos? I’m just curious. πŸ˜› Let me know in the comments below. Also, if you can, make sure to pin this for later or for others Taco lovers to discover.

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Tex Mex Chorizo Tacos for Breakfast are the perfect meal to wake up to

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  1. This looks yummy! My family would really enjoy this and it would be a fun recipe to add variety to our weekly menu! Breakfast is always a tough one for me because my oldest daughter is so picky but she loves tacos!

  2. I’ve never tried a breakfast taco. That’s a great idea. I usually just have a smoothie, so a taco seems really fun. Will have to give it a try.

  3. This is exciting because I have never had tacos for breakfast and I am quite excited to try and make this on a Sunday morning. I am sure I will be having it frequently afterward!

  4. I never did Tacos at home. I think I ate Tacos once or twice in my life. I like them but since there is no restaurant in my area, I always forget about their existence I guess. I think I will try this recipe though..

  5. I’ve never thought to have tacos for breakfast. I can’t wait to try this on the weekend. That’s when we have big family breakfast together. I need to get a comal, tortillas are something we have on a regular basis. Thanks for sharing this.

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