Chicken Ramen Noodle Skillet

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Today’s recipe is Asian inspired. Yes, sometimes we eat non Tex-Mex meals too 😛 Truth is there’s a new Ramen restaurant near us, though we’ve had the opportunity to stop by, we just haven’t. So, I figured that it would be nice to make some ramen, until we make it into the restaurant.

The recipe was super easy to make and doesn’t require much experience. I cut the chicken into small pieces and seasoned it with salt, garlic powder and red pepper flakes to taste. Then, I let it sit in the refrigerator for a few minutes before cooking.

I went ahead and sliced a few carrots and chopped a handful mushrooms. Then, set the noodles to boil and the chicken to cook, which didn’t take long – maybe 15 minutes. I removed the noodles from the stove, drained and set aside. I also removed the chicken from the heat and set aside. Next, I cooked the veggies; mushrooms, carrots and broccoli, and then added the chicken and noodles to it. I topped it all with the new P.F. Chang’s Home Menu Kung Pao Sauce, mixed it all well and served it while warm.

That’s it! Another easy recipe done in under 30 minutes. I love food and cooking but as a mom, I can’t spend hours in the kitchen. If you’re like me. Make sure that you’ve subscribe ( you’ll get recipes right to your inbox) and/or pin this recipe.

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  1. That looks delicious and we just had chicken noodles for dinner too. We ordered take out but making these at home seems so simple too.

  2. This looks SO GOOD! Ramen has a very special place in my heart:) Definitely gonna try this out

  3. This looks delicious and something I’m definitely making this week! Ramen is my most favorite and I love this more grown up take on something I’ve always liked but felt silly eating. My daughters also love Ramen and I really like that I can give them a much healthier way to enjoy the noodles.

  4. Oh my gosh. I haven’t had ramen noodles in such a long time. This looks so tasty and creative. I will have to give it a try! This makes me so hungry now!

  5. I love a good stir fry. I would not think to add ramen to this but it makes sense. I’ll have to think about that for the next time I make something like this.

  6. Quick and easy I love it because sometimes I just don’t have want to spend lots of time on the kitchen. . Your recipe looks so tasty. Thanks for sharing!!

  7. why have I never heard of this before?! Delicious!! I am a sucker for ramen noodles and this really spices them up. I used to just simply add hot sauce, but this is so much better. I am trying this recipe this weekend. Luckily I am going to the grocery store today so I will grab the ingredients. thanks so much! xx

  8. This looks so yummy, and so simple to make! I have to have dinners ready for my kids really quick, and this looks like it would be perfect!

  9. This looks delicious! I love ramen, actually I have a ton of the inexpensive packs in my pantry and have been looking for ways to make them better and more delicious! I so need to try this out.

  10. This looks really tasty and even sounds better that all it takes to prepare is less than 30 minutes. As a busy mom too, I love such quick and easy but sumptuous recipes.

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