Chicken Tortilla Soup

Quick Chicken Tortilla Soup

In our home, we eat a fresh cooked meal almost everyday. There are days that we go out to eat. And then there are days when I’m feeling lazy! As a result, I scramble through Pinterest for inspiration and ideas.

Yesterday, was one of those days. Since it was a holiday, instead of Monday it felt like a weekend day. Even with both girls at home, the day was moving slow and there I was feeling lazy.

Not knowing what to make for dinner. I thought a soup would be a good and easy meal. So I got to work and whipped up a quick chicken tortilla soup.

Quick Chicken Tortilla Soup

I started by adding the chicken to a skillet, sprinkling with adobo and cooking on medium heat. I like using adobo because it adds a lot of flavor to the food. I didn’t use any other spices on the chicken but you could also add salt and pepper to taste if you want. It took less than 20 minutes to cook the chicken, which is a reason why I love cooking with chicken.

Once the chicken had about 10 minutes left to cook, I added the water to a saucepan, both chicken and tomato bouillons and let it boil. I’m sure I could’ve used chicken broth but remember, this was a last minute meal. I worked with what I had at hand, and quite honestly I don’t buy chicken broth, I tend to make my own. Once the water reached a boiling point, I added the jalapeños, beans, tomatoes and corn. The last ingredient that I added was the shredded chicken.

Quick Chicken Tortilla Soup

I topped mine with tortilla strips and shredded cheese. My husband added diced avocado to his. Quick Chicken Tortilla SoupSoups are lifesavers when you are running short on time. Because they are quick and easy to make I enjoy making them, and since they’re tasty they are a family favorite. Ps. I made a small batch of rice to go with our soups, because we love rice in our home.

I hope you get to try this recipe if you’re ever in need of a quick meal or just in the mood for soup.

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Quick Chicken Tortilla Soup

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