Valentine’s Day DIY T-Shirt

Easy to make t-shirt

In preparation for the Valentines Day school party, my oldest and I decided to do a DIY t-shirt. Our Valentine’s Day included quite a few DIYs! Did you check out the Backyard photo shoot I did with the girls?

Back to the t-shirt! I had seen a fairly easy tutorial on Pinterest. So, after looking over the instructions, we headed to Hobby Lobby for some supplies! And bought a short sleeve t-Shirt and a pink fabric paint.

We came home, drew and cut out a heart, placed a piece of cardboard inside the t-shirt, grabbed a pencil and poured some ink on a tray. Dipping the eraser part of the pencil in the fabric ink, we traced dots around the heart cut-out.

We were done in a matter of minutes, but enjoyed doing this project. We let the ink dry per the instructions on the bottle and it was ready in time for her party. Just to add a little flare to the t-shirt, I folded and sewed the sleeves in place. And she was so excited to wear her new DIY t-shirt to school, that she has asked that we make one for St. Patrick’s Day! You may see another blog post once we do.

Valentine's Day T-shirt Easy to make t-shirt


DIY T-shirt


Valentine's Day T-shirt


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