FOOD: Easy and Tasty Breakfast Tacos Recipe

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Y’all it has been a long time since I last shared a recipe. It’s not because I am not cooking. I actually cook everyday at least twice a day, three times if you count cereals, hot pockets or pizza rolls. 😛 What I have been cooking is mostly living between my Instagram Reels and Tik Tok account. So head on over and give it a follow to be updated on new meal ideas.

Today I’m sharing a quick but delicious breakfast taco idea. All you need is flour tortillas, bacon, tomatoes (I opted for cherry but diced tomatoes work well), onions, scrambled eggs, jalapeños (for an kick) and cilantro for topping. I like to sauté all veggies in a single large skillet. The bacon I cook on a separate skillet. And make the eggs last so that they don’t get cold. The tortillas, I warm up on our family comal – flat griddle – until each side is a bit golden brown.

Once all the ingredients are ready, I serve them on a chopping board or plate and have everyone make their own tacos. Cheese is optional but not really, we can’t do tacos without it. So make sure to pick up your favorite shredded cheese to top your tacos.



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