The Easiest Chicken Nachos Recipe for a Crowd

Tex Mex Recipe - Nachos
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In all honesty, I think my daughter is more Mexican than Panamanian… At least when it comes to food. Otherwise, she loves Panama as if she was born and had lived there. I guess it’s just that magical of a place – yes, I’m totally trying to persuade you to plan a trip there and then come back to tell me all about it. 😉

Back to food. She loves tacos and every Tuesday says, “Mami, it’s Taco Tuesday!” I love tacos too but I don’t want to eat them on a weekly basis… Instead of Tacos, I offered to make nachos – my husband’s idea – and she gladly accepted. Not to say that she runs things around here… But sometimes she wins, especially when I don’t have dinner pre-planned.

I came up with some delicious and super easy chicken nachos, using ingredients that I mostly had. On the Border Monterey Jack Queso, Tostitos hint of lime chips, Two chicken breasts, adobo, corn, and jalapeños.

I cooked and shredded the chicken, seasoned with adobo, salt and pepper – kept it simple. Then cut a few jalapeño slices and cooked some corn. Once the chicken was done, I layered the chips, chicken, queso, corn – twice. The second time, I layered the nachos in the same way but added jalapeño slices.

Tex Mex Recipe - Nachos

Tex Mex Recipe - Nachos

Tex Mex Recipe - Nachos

I placed the nachos in the oven for about five minutes and served warm. Needless to say that they were a hit.

Tex Mex Recipe - Nachos

If you’re ever out of ideas and need a quick “meal”. Give these a try, save it, pin it, share it! 😉

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