Easy No-Prep Pork Carnitas Recipe for Dinner & Get Togethers

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You guys, I went shopping at Kroger and found this No-Prep Pork Carnitas Style Pack! Y’all know that I’m all about quick delicious meals, so I had to try it and share it with you. Don’t get me wrong, I love to cook, even meals that require lots of prep. But I think it’s important to have options that are quick to make. Especially when you have little ones who are hungry from one moment to the next.

I love that the Pork Roast was already prepped, which minimized my time in the kitchen. And the instructions were super easy and beyond straight forward. I literally placed the bag in a baking pan, placed it in the oven, added a timer and walked away – I did checked on it as it cooked but you get the point.

Update: this product is no longer available, but I found this similar option: Seasoned No-Prep Pork Carnitas

I waited until it was half-way done to warm up the tortillas and make the rice and beans. Also, cut some limes and onions and set aside some cilantro for garnish. Once the pork was ready, I let it cool down per instructions, then pulled it out of the bag and and shredded it to add to the tortillas.

I topped each taco with onions and cilantro and a splash of lime. Needless to say that it was delicious and my oldest even asked for more. If you’ve been coming here for some time, you know that I’m an Kroger shopper and I love when I run into quick and tasty options like this one. If you have a Kroger near you, I recommend you look for these because they are delicious!


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  1. Is anyone weirded out by cooking plastic?? I bought these but I’m a little hesitant about cooking plastic. Thoughts?

    1. I am more than just weirded out by cooking in a bag, especially with reports of micro plastic being found in infants. I wonder if this could be opened and cooked in a Dutch oven. It looked delicious.

  2. I did these today and they were great. Ive made carnitas from scratch a lot, but WOW. cook at 350, 2.5 hrs. nevermind checking temp. comes out perf

  3. The instructions were confusing to me. It said to bake at 350 for 2.5 hours OR until it reaches an inner temp of 160 deg. Within 40 minutes it had already reached 160 deg so I took it out but it was still tough. I decided to put it back in for the remaining time and hoping for the best.

    1. Hi Ann, how did it come out? It has been a while since I’ve made these but I don’t remember having any issues with it. I’m still curious to see if anything on the product has changed, so I’ll be picking up a pack to make again this week.

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