Easy Turquoise Summer Nails To Try Now

Today’s summer nails are super easy, all you need is to pick your favorite color which will be applied to most nails. Then for the accent nail, which I usually do on the ring finger, you’ll pick an additional color for accent. The colors that I used are linked here but you can use just about any color. You will also need a make up sponge. You will dip it in the two colors you chose. Then you will use the sponge with the colors already on it and dab it on the accent nail until both colors are mixed to your liking. Lastly, you will use your favorite top coat on your nails and let them dry, easy right?

Doing my nails is form of self care for me, whether I do them at home or go to the salon. I also get regular nail polish boxes from OPI and instead of letting them go untouched on a shelf, I put them to use. Doing my nails also gets my creative juices flowing. I often turn to Pinterest for nail art ideas and I will re-do my favorites. If not, I get inspired by those to do something new. I have learned a few tricks from Pins I’ve come across and every design that I happen to like is saved to my Beauty Folder. Make sure to check it out! There is also a skin and hair section in this folder with lots of tips from around the web.

Watch The Nail Tutorial Here

My DIY nail art journey started during the pandemic, three years ago. Wait, now that I wrote that, I realized how long it’s been since. Staying at home in order to not get sick, forced me to find ways to stay busy. Painting my nails was at the top of my new found hobbies. While, I also became a plant mom and made a lot of quick recipes while staying home. People have asked me about doing their nails, but I honestly don’t feel knowledgable enough to work on anyone else’s nails. I do love been able to do mine and occasionally will do my daughters’. As long as OPI keeps spoiling me with new colors, I’ll keep doing my nails.


Xx, Thirty Minus One

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