Family: Four Fun Paint Crafts for Toddlers + Free Printable

Yes, the girls are still home and at this time it’s projected that they will be home through the end of this school year. While the oldest has been moved to a virtual classroom, we opted to remove the little one from the pre-k program. Although she misses school as much as I miss her going to school, 😛 we just didn’t feel that she would benefit a ton from joining the online pre-k classes. So we have had to get more creative at home and painting has been on the top of the list. I’m going to share four paint crafts we’ve done and a free printable for your little ones.

Rainbow Caterpillar Painting

Since seeing the caterpillar on our balcony a few weeks back, that’s all Nalani has talked about. Thus the reason we decided to do a rainbow paint caterpillar. She picked out the colors and then decided to do small fingerprints around it. I free handed this one but have included a free printable template for you below. 🙂


Window Painting

We have a glass balcony that is perfect for window clings and paint. So I finally got around to making paint that she could use on it. It’s actually really easy to make and even better, really easy to remove. I used the recipe over at Taming Little Monsters which only calls for washable paint, dish soap and flour. 

Name Shadow Painting

This little one is really into letters. She knows and loves her ABCs and can even identify them. What’s really impressive to me is that she can also write out words that we spell for her. She still makes a few mistakes but has a good grasps of the ABCs. When I saw this craft, I knew she would enjoy it. I mean it combines her love for paint and letters into one activity. 🙂 I saved the post that was our inspiration over on Pinterest.

Toiler Paper Roll Flowers

I don’t know about you guys but with four people at home our TP use has increased. A way to use the left over rolls has been to search for fun toilet paper roll crafts. This was one that caught her eye as we scrolled through Pinterest.

This is it, four of our favorite paint crafts. If you’re looking for other ways to keep the little ones entertained make sure to check out my Activities for Kids board on Pinterest. Here’s another post with some fun indoor ideas for kids.


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