FARM Rio: How to Shop, Exchange, and Return the Bold Label

FARM Rio Buyers Guide, How to Shop, Exchange, and Return the Bold Label

If you were looking for the ultimate guide to all things Farm Rio found at Shopbop, you’ve come to the right place! Whether it is a simple question you have on an exchange or you’re interested in seeing which stores collaborate with the famous brand, this blog will guide you in navigating the online world of Farm Rio. We’ll support you with guidance on: returns, exchanges, sales and discount Codes.

Along with these helpful tips on what to do with your next purchase, there will be helpful information on two clothing brands and the popular style choices they have to offer at both, Anthropologie and Nordstrom.

Whether you’re looking to upgrade your own style or learn more about how the company works, this article will guide you on your next fashion choice. It’s important to know about the brands that you shop from, especially if it’s a favorite of yours. This not only helps the purchase process run more smoothly, but you’ll know when companies who work hand-in-hand with Farm Rio, have new seasonal releases that might spark your interest. Fashion is always changing and so are our fashion tastes. You may have fallen head over heels in love with an item only to change your mind a short while later. Have no fear! This guide will ensure that any problem you have or information that you wish to discover will work to help you be satisfied with your current purchases or any of your future purchases. 


Returns Made Easy 

For all customers, returns are made simple with Farm Rio. If you have an item that you purchased in-store, simply make sure you have your receipt and you can easily return said item. The same can be said for items purchased online. No matter the item, you can return it by sending it through the mail, just ensure that you have a receipt proving that you made the purchase of the specific item(s). For online returns, your receipt is needed to apply the information required for the return. There can be no transaction modified unless you have it for the item. For returns United States, European UnionUnited Kingdom, and for all other countries (International orders). 

Keep in mind that the order can only be refunded if you use the same payment method you used to purchase the items. If you don’t currently possess the payment method previously used, there will be no way to refund the money. Unless you had a card that was replaced by your bank because it was expired or damaged, it is not possible to return said items. 

Farm Rio Exchange

Exchanging Farm Rio items is easy! Whether you want to exchange an item for the same item in a different color or a different style, you can do both.

In the United States, Australia, Canada, The United Kingdom, and the European Union, any and all exchanges are free. Know that exchanges can only be made once for a singular item. Any more will not count as an exchange and will not be processed as such. In order for an exchange to be processed, the name of the item must be specified on the box, otherwise, it won’t be accounted for and might accidentally be distributed as a refund instead. Make your exchange by using this link, then click on your corresponding country to choose the voucher for the exchange. 

For any international buyer, unfortunately, Farm Rio does not offer exchanges, but if you wish to exchange an item, a small fee will be deducted from your refund if you choose to opt for one instead. You can follow the link above on how to return an item.

Where to Buy Farm Rio

Farm Rio can be found in a variety of locations all over the world. You can visit the website’s main page to shop for the brand. Here you will be directed to a page that showcases the new pieces for the season, as well as links that can be followed for anything specific you have in mind. Anything ranging from sales and discounts being offered, to shopping new arrivals or simply knitted sweaters, whatever you wish to find is at your disposal on the main page. 

Because there are only a few in-store locations around the world, it may not be possible for you to buy in person, that’s why the brand’s website and Shopbop, Anthropologie, and Nordstrom are the most common ways to shop the brand. Only this way you’ll find something that fits your personality and fall in love with it. Whether you wish to shop online, in person, or on one of these stores’ websites, there will be tons of different styles at your disposal. The store’s websites stay up to date with the newest clothing and accessories to ensure you get the perfect find fit for you and your own personal style. 

Shop Farm Rio at Anthropologie 

One of Brazil’s finest brands can be found at Anthropologie. If you’re looking for a sun-kissed, bright, eye-catching statement piece that will make others go “Wow!” then look no further. It’s hard to miss the beautiful feminine details on Farm Rio’s clothing when scrolling through new arrivals and old favorites. There’s something for everyone. If you’re looking to shop for a suit, romper, dress, blouse, or accessories, Anthropologie has it all.

When shopping for the brand at Anthropologie, you might be debating on whether to get something more reserved or something bold, fierce, and powerful. But there’s no need to choose when you can have them all in one. The cheerful creations can be styled to fit any mood, solid color, or pattern. It’s your choice! 

Shop Farm Rio at Nordstrom 

Farm Rio is home to funky cutouts and chic vibes with a pop of color. It’s hard to miss any of the items featured at Nordstrom

Here you can shop new finds and keep up to date with the newest and funkiest clothing, with items like l blouses, pants, rompers, suits, etc. at Nordstrom, and even new shoes that fit any outfit of your choosing. From boots to sneakers to flip-flops, Nordstrom carries all types of shoes that just might be what you’re looking for. All items are either marked red and say “New Markdown,” so the customer can be up to date with new sales just by casually scrolling by, or marked green noting that it’s a “Sustainable Style.” If you wish to shop for sustainability the brand and any items found on Nordstrom’s website is up your alley! 

Farm Rio at Nordstrom is great for any shopper! Shipping is always free for anyone living in the United States, Australia, Canada, the United Kingdom, and the European Union. Just find the location of your nearest store. Happy shopping!

About Farm Rio

Farm Rio is a popular fashion marque that is well-known for its diverse range of fun and unique styles ranging from vibrant colors to mismatched prints that catch the eye. The brand has staples ranging from flowy frocks to funky swimwear to accessories that you can mix and match to go with any clothing to complement your unique style. No matter the style of clothing or type of jewelry, there is something for everyone to flaunt and make their own.

Beginning in 1997, the Brazilian fashion brand has used vibrant colors to capture the eyes of customers. The use of such colors is essential for enlightening your sense of style as well as your soul. Whether you pair our accessories with our range of bold clothing or as a statement piece, you’ll be supporting a company that works to make a positive impact on the way you think about clothing. 

While focusing on the details and holding a great value on quality over quantity, Farm Rio stays true to their Brazilian roots. From bold prints that feature all shapes, sizes, and colors unique to the design, the brand values the influence that a product can have on one’s life. To transform a closet full of dullness into a powerful way to express your love of fashion and fresh looks, the brand takes happiness and transforms it into a way of life; a way to express your true authentic self all while rocking a new outfit from head to foot. 

Created by two friends, Kátia Barros and Marcello Bastos, the once small independent clothing shop, is now home to over 86 stores across the country of Brazil alone. Now in collaboration with other major brands and sold in famous stores around the world, the fashion brand continues its journey to share the happiness that finding someone’s unique style and favorite article of clothing can have on a person. While incorporating their own culture into the now booming brand, the positive energy of these vibrant pieces are designed to represent the use of elements and their influence over the transformation in everyone and everywhere.

Now that you know a bit more about the brand, go on and shop with confidence knowing you can easily make a Farm Rio return or exchange!

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