Five Easy Recipes to Try this Week! Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner, Take your Pick

Four month… It has been nearly four months of being at home y’all. If You’re like me, you’ve been doing a lot of cooking. I will admit that I have slacked at times, like the other night I made ramen noodles for the kids. And at times have even ran out of ideas on what to feed the family. So once again I found myself looking through the archives for inspiration and found a few worth of sharing. In this easy recipes round up there is something for everyone, believe me. 🙂


Beef Slides are alway a popular option here, my oldest now loves burgers but sometimes a whole burger is too much for her. The sliders though, are a perfect size and depending on how hungry she is, she may go for a second. The hubby and I love burgers of course, so we make these when we’re out of ideas or want to make a quick meal for lunch or dinner. Here’s another fun idea, a burgers and hot dogs bar.

Easy Beef Sliders Recipe

Chicken Stuffed Bread is another favorite. A meal that is filling and a good option for even the pickiest of eaters. After all, it’s just bread, chicken and bacon. This recipe doesn’t take much time or effort and it tastes amazing. My family love love loves this quick meal.

Chili Bowls are my favorite comfort food. And this recipe is not hard to make at all. The ingredients are easy to find and the entire meal is ready in under 45 minutes. This is a perfect option for a Sunday lunch or dinner.

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Fruit Parfaits are a fun treat to wake up to, if you ask my girls. We made these before and a few time after and they both had fun making them with me. The best part is that it doesn’t take long to make and you can use any fruit you or your littles like.

Saving the best for last… Is the Malibu Rum Sunrise recipe for mom and dad to kick back and relax. Told you there was something for everyone in this round up. 😉 But really, we deserve a drink every now and then and this cocktail is one of those easy recipes to make.

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So what do you think? These seem like some easy recipes to try this week, am I right? Save this post for later on Pinterest and when you try one, let me know your thoughts.

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