Five Indoor Activities for Kids to Stay Entertained

Last week was the first full week with the girls at home. Most people are probably wondering what’s the big deal?! Don’t kids stay home for summer anyway?! They do, but I feel like them being home now has turned into a home-schooling scene. My oldest is taking online classes and has work every single day. I help her of-course but glad that she is older and pretty self sufficient. 🙌🏽  The little one, who is only in pre-k is a different story. So I’ve had to come up with some indoor activities for kids in oder to keep her entertained.

I do have to praise her teachers for having created group messages for the kids to stay somewhat connected. And because they share lots of ideas from the web, some of which I’m sharing below. But I’m still shocked by how much energy my littlest has. 😐 Luckily, she’s been keeping busy with these activities…


A classic really! Play-doh is never missing in our home. Yes, the girls end up mixing the color and letting some to dry out. For the most part, they take care of their play-doh and love playing with it. This Play-Doh Food Set is the last one I got them and what I love is that it’s a one-time investment. The only supply I keep buying is different play-doh colors. 🙂 There’s even some play-doh slime that is perfect for older kids.

Dyed Rice

I think this was our favorite of all the activities we have done. Dying rice was super easy, I followed these instructions. And the best part is that I already had most of the ingredients; rice, vinegar and food coloring. This is one of those indoor activities for kids that will keep them busy day after day.

Domino Effect Game

Dad picked up this Dominos Blocks Set for the littlest on a trip to the store, but in all honesty if you have regular dominos at-home they’re equally fun for the kids. I left a few videos of all the fun Nalani had with these on my IG.

Crayola Paint

Painting has always been a fun activity and when I saw this Washable Crayola paint, I thought the kids would have a blast. We have used it to paint coloring book pages and free hand drawings like the doggy below.

Construction Paper Heart

I find that crafts are one of the best way to keep the girls entertained. This Construction Paper project is one that the teachers sent over and we decided to follow to share with her classmates on the group chat that I mentioned before. It was perfect because she got to practice using the scissors which is something her teacher recommended she do at home.

These are all the activities we have done so fat but I have a ton of extra ideas on my Pinterest profile. Check it out below. If you’re in a hurry, you can also pin this post for later. 😉

Do you have little ones at home? How are you keeping them entertained? Let me know in the comments below.

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