Five Tricks to Grow Your Instagram

Instagram Growth, Tips & Tricks to Grow your instagram

Today, I wanted to do something a little different. Since it is #TipTuesday, I’ll be sharing some tricks that have helped me manage and grow my Instagram. As a newbie blogger, I’ve learned quite a few tricks that I thought I’d share with fellow newbie bloggers.

Find Your Tribe

Having a group of bloggers with similar goals has made all the difference for me. While, the Instagram community can be intimidating, having a support system makes it a lot easier.

How do you find your tribe? Decide what type of support you need for your account. If you want comments, find a comments and engagement pod. If you only want likes, then find a likes only pod.

How do you find a pod to join? There are several Facebook groups for Bloggers where openings on pods are announced. But you could also start one yourself, by inviting other blogger friends you may already follow on Instagram.

Learn to Love Hashtags

Hashtags are your best bet for being discovered on social media, particularly on Instagram. Did you know that you can use up to 30 hashtags? Yes, 30! While you don’t want to look spammy, you should totally use every single one. Why? Because it’s an opportunity for other users to find you.

How do you avoid looking spammy? Simply add your hashtags to the comments field instead of the caption field.

Give love, Get love

A trick to growing your account is to engage. While pods will help with this, you also need to engage with people who comment on your posts. But don’t stop there, go out and search for accounts that align with yours and comment on and like their posts as well.

Keep it real

While it can be tempting to do everything every other blogger is doing. Don’t! It’s ok to be inspired by the accounts of top bloggers but try to remain original. Your audience and followers have decided to follow YOU for a reason. 😉

Schedule to Stay Sane

In order to remain sane, I highly suggest that you have some sort of schedule for Instagram. You can even use a tool to help you manage your posts and preview what your feed will look like. I use the free version of Later and it has helped me a lot.*

I hope you have found this post helpful. If you did, make sure to share and pin it so that others can find it too.

If you have questions, leave me a comment below. 😉

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Instagram Growth, Tips & Tricks to Grow your instagram

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  1. Great stuff! I use Instagram for my business, but I’m also starting to get back into some more artistic pursuits and I’ve seen so much about how Instagram is a great place to build an art portfolio. I’ll be using these tips! Thank you!

  2. THIS IS ALL SOOO TRUE! I have found a great tribe of fellow bloggers who I am so thankful for. Who would have thought you could me so many amazing people through blogging.

    I finally found my rhythm with theme and hashtags and now consistently am gaining a great community on Instagram.

  3. Yes to be yo’ self! I have a certain tone that my audience loves. I know it resonates with them because I keep it real and transparent. My grammar isn’t the best but it creates a genuine brand tone which connects people with me. People love to say, “I read that in your voice” and that makes my day! Amazing tips here for sure!

    -Natalie of Strategist Cafe

  4. Thank you! I was actually curious as to how I could grow my Instagram account more. Still stuck at like 150 followers but slow and steady wins the race! I will definitely have to check out more about pods, didn’t know what they were until today.

  5. My instagram seems to be the hardest platform to grow right now! With so many people just following and then unfollowing! I’ll definitly take these on board, especially the idea of a pod.

    Sophia xx

  6. I love your advice! Instagram is definitely an area I really want to grow in. Sometimes it feels like I’m doing everything I can, but not moving forward. It can be difficult when there’s a lot of spam out there too or people just looking to follow and unfollow. Good tips!

  7. These are great tips… The only one i’m not doing is using a planning service. But I do have a plan each week of what I will post! I’ll definitely have to check out the app! Thanks!

  8. LOVE all these tips! Finding your tribe, being real, and scheduling are super big for me! Also, before I got into blogging hashtags annoyed me and now I am like aaaaaall about them.

  9. I love each and every point made here. It’s so amazing when you stop comparing and considering it work, and you start just enjoying others success and happiness, that you too receive the same success. Once I stopped caring about numbers and stats; they climbed rapidly! Love your post girl??❤️

    1. Hi Claire, I promise scheduling makes things a little easier. You don’t spend so much time thinking of captions or hashtags to use on the spot. It’s a lifesaver.

  10. This is awesome advice! I’m all about the give love, get love. I’m still looking for my tribe but I think that will be a great help!

  11. These are great tips, but sometimes I find it hard to find time in my day to work, blog, do social media and engage. I am trying to get a good routine and balance for that.

    1. Sheri, it is a lot to juggle at once, that’s why it’s recommended that you work on social media in increments throughout the day; maybe ten minutes twice a day. 😉

  12. I working a lots with social media including instagram to promote my small business . Thank you for sharing your great advise . Its so helping me much all your information .

    Best regards

  13. Thanks to explain as I was not interested for instagram. But your article uncourage me and push me to try now instagram

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