Four Girl Toys You Can Include in Easter Baskets

Easter is just days away at this point! If you’re still in need of ideas for DIY Easter Baskets, keep reading. Every year since my oldest was born, I’ve put together Easter baskets for her. That’s a total of Eight basket – will be Nine this year. My littlest has being lucky enough to have also had her baskets be custom made. This year is tough because we’re supposed to stay home. But I’m confident that I can still put something nice together for each. And I wanted to take advantage a share a few ideas with my #girlmom readers too!


This was the first collectible toy my daughters got into. So much that my oldest had a Shopkins Birthday Party a few years back. These come in different sizes, so they would be perfect to place inside of an Easter Basket.

Moj Moj

Are the cutest squishy toys. These come in small packages and will absolutely fit inside any easter basket. They’re a fun surprise and will provide lots of entertainment to kids.

Baby Born Surprise

Think a baby doll but miniature. Yes, the Baby Born Surprise is s tiny baby doll, that is super adorable and brings a few accessories like pacifier, diaper, and more.

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Num Noms

These Num Noms are perfect for older girls. The perfume and lipgloss are a fun surprise to unbox.

Poopsie Slime Surprise

This unicorn is on the bigger side but there are also smaller version that is just as fun. I mean what girl doesn’t like making glitter slime?

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