Foyer Reveal: Decorating the Entryway on a Budget

The entryway of a home is one of the most important places, as it sets the tone for what your guest can expect the rest of your home to look and feel like. I dreamt of decorating this space from the time we signed the contract to have our home built.

When we finally moved in, my priorities had shifted and at some point decorating this area fell to the bottom of our to-do list. The foyer, looked so uninviting; nothing like what I had visualized.

In an effort to tackle this area of our home, I began by adding a bench. I opted for a bench over a console table because I personally feel that tables become a landing places; filled with phones, keys, toys, etc. I wanted to avoid this and the bench has actually worked perfectly. It is mostly decorative because we don’t use it much, but this means the area stays clean.

I added a rug that took me months to find, only because I could not decide what colors to go for. I really liked the yellow tones but also thought about a deep blue at some point. The beautiful mirror that hangs over the bench, I found during a shopping trip to At Home. Though the hardest decision for this space was the throw pillows. It took lots research, I mean online stores, pinterest, instagram… You name it, I probably searched on there too. Once I found my dream pillows, I bought them without hesitation.

The final touches included the basket and greenery. I have a feeling I will add more to the space. But for now I really like the way it looks. Stay tuned, I (may) continue to share decor updates on this area.

And if you are in the process of decorating your foyer or have been inspired by this space, you can find similar items below.

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