Friday Favorite: My Make up Musts

Today I want to share with you what’s in my Make Up Bag. These are what I considers musts for Valentine’s Day, and beyond. There’s only four products that I swear by. While, I know that there are many other products that can be added to a make-up routine, these four are enough for me.

When it comes to make-up, I am a minimalist and naturalist. I was just raised that way. My mom always told me that there wasn’t a need to wear make up everyday. That you should save it for special occasions. That way when you go to an event, you dress up and wear make up and people will be wowed. That just sort of stuck with me. Anyhow, below are some of my favorites and links for you to find them.

Lip Colors

So I am a little obsessed with Maybelline’s Matte Liquid line. The three colors that I am wearing on rotation are Nude Flush, Pink Charge and Berry Boost. The nude is the one that I honestly wear the most, it has enough pigment to add some color while it is still subtle. When I am feeling bold, I pick between the Pink Charge or Berry Boost.


I have used several mascaras, most recently a fiber mascara that I loved. In a rush to get one to replace it once I ran out, I tried Maybelline’s Lash Sensational and love the length it adds to my lashes.


My eyes have always been a concern and it wasn’t until recently that I decided to try a good concealer for these dark circles of mine. This Bobbi Brown Concealer is magic in a bottle. It’s not quite drugstore price either but I recommend it.

Brow Mascara

In an effort to fill some of the gaps in my brows, I have started using a brow mascara that I stumbled upon. This one is by NYX and it’s under $10, I love a good and affordable product!

That’s it! Really! If you have been with me for a while, you have heard me talk about this, and as long as I have mascara, I am a happy girl. But a lippie doesn’t hurt either. 😉 Happy weekend friends!

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