Friday Favorite: Simply Earth’s Essential Oils

Essential Oils

You’ve probably heard a lot about essential oils and have become curious –  I know I have! I mean, I know people who swear by them and all the benefits these provide; from better sleep to being more alert.

Since I wanted to personally find out what these oils were about, when a fellow blogger introduced me to Simply Earth; I took advantage of the opportunity to partner with them. Especially, because I liked what this company offers.

Simply Earth, gives back! And this is a big deal for me when trying new products. A total of 13% of their profits helps to stop human traffic.

So, what is Simply Earth? It’s an oil recipe box that works on a subscription system – monthly and quarterly. It includes 4 essential oils shipped for free to you. If you’re a complete beginner, like me – you may be able to receive a free diffuser when you start your subscription.

Essential Oils

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My box included four essential oils, almond oil, two rollers, two inhalers with circle labels, glass beads and burlap sack, and six recipes.

Essential Oils

The recipes, were a huge help. Again, I am somewhat of a newbie at this, so having a guide was a great feature that this subscription box offers. Also, having all the necessary items to make each recipe was very helpful.

Essential Oils

Because my August box is a Back to School box, the recipes are about staying focused and awake. My personal favorite is the Backpack Refresher! It calls for Grapefruit, Almond Oil, Glass Beads, and a mini Burlap Sack. Once you follow the easy instructions, you simply toss it in your little’s backpack and that’s it. 😉

Plus, the fact that it’s tested for purity, free of pesticides and has zero additives puts me at ease. As a mom, I don’t want anything in our home that can be harmful to us.

Essential Oils


Essential Oils

I am very impressed with Simply Earth, they’ve made my initial essential oils experience a great one. Go check them out and see for yourself. They site is loaded with useful resources, like a free ebook with recipes, so that you get the most out of each oil box.

Ps. use code THIRTYMINUSONEFREE to get a $40 gift card or a free oil below $10.

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*This blog post was completed in collaboration with Simply Earth but all opinions are my own.

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