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Summer is almost over and our focus is slowly shifting from summer plans to back- to- school planning. While it seems that most of our back- to- school prep is about supplies and outfits, I have made it a mission to think beyond that. For me, it is important to think about my little one’s health, and with Renew Life® products, it is easy to keep little ones healthy and happy for the new school year! Renew Life Kids Daily Boost Probiotic, for instance, is at the top of our back- to- school list this year.

I’ve added this probiotic supplement powder stick to my little one’s morning routine, because it provides everyday support for my little one’s digestive and immune health. By simply giving her one packet per day, I can prepare her for a healthy and strong start for the new school year.

As moms we worry about ingredients, but the Kids Daily Boost is free of gluten and soy. It is very convenient because of its fast-melting powder form. It tastes like fruit punch, which makes it something that my little one looks forward to. It contains 10 billion guaranteed live cultures per serving, so it makes me feel confident about her digestive health.

Now, back to school also affects me and for that reason, I have added Renew Life Ultimate Flora Women’s Care Probiotic 25 Billion to my morning routine as well. For me, caring about my digestive system is a form of self-care. Including probiotics to my routine truly improves my overall lifestyle. I feel more energetic and motivated to improve other aspects of my lifestyle, too.

probiotics, health, digestive health, gut health, healthy, morning routine, back to school, school routine, school year, school prep

Digestive health should be on your back- to- school list, not only for your little one but for yourself. If you’ve been searching for a probiotic to add to your routines, take advantage of this promotion. Head over to www.renewlife.com/back-to-school and use promo code Back2School to save 15%.


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  1. This is a great post. This isnt a brand I have heard of but it looks like great supplements for the littles to enjoy and be healthy for school!

  2. This sounds so easy to incorporate into a morning routine! I’ll be honest – I don’t always take the best care of myself and focus more on the kids. You’re inspiring me not to neglect myself as well!

  3. Caring for child’s health always comes as priority as mother. But taking care of self is equally important and you are doing so by using this probiotic supplement.

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