Halloween Home Makeover: Haunted Decor Tips for Your Entryway

Are you a Halloween enthusiasts? If so, here are some fun ways to get ready for spooky season. I am sharing my favorite finds for giving your home a makeover with haunted decor. Whether you’re decorating for your family or to get ready for guest or trick or treaters, there are a few creative ways to help you set a haunted mood for your home.

Haunted Front Porch Decoration with Bats and Creepy Crawlers

First, your front porch, because this is the first area of your home that you and guest see,  a little creativity can go a long way. Decorating by keeping the decor on the minimalist side can still make an impact. I am a true believer of less is more. So adding a fun wreath like this one with creepy crawlers is a fun decorative item and fun DIY. If you would like to give it a try, I will be posting the tutorial on my Instagram this Saturday. Mark your calendar so that you can check it out. Below I am sharing the materials that I recommend for making the wreath.

For our home, I wanted to add witch hats this year. And if you’re wondering how they give off that floating effect, it is fishing line that is holding them up. That and a bit of double sided tape did the trick. While I skipped out on the pumpkins, you can always add pumpkins, especially because you can keep those if you decide to decorate for fall and thanksgiving. To add extra spookiness to your front porch, I suggest adding bats. These bats are so fun, and I use them in other places of my home too, keep scrolling to see.

Haunting Entryway Decor

The next space that I recommend you decorate is your entryway. I feel like this space in just about any home is the landing place for family members and guests alike. So I personally love to decorate this space. In our home, I continued with the use of bats for eerie and enchanting foyer. Placing them around the mirror that permanently occupies this space. The idea is to add to your existing decor without having to re-decorate your entire home.

On the shelf I added eerie Halloween finds, like the skull, black pumpkins, and spider tea candle holder. All which I am linking below for you to shop what interest you. I even up-cycled an old tequila bottle to look like a witch’s potion bottle – did you spot it?

Spooky Decor Ideas with Bats

Eerie Bedroom Decor with Ghosts and Witch Hats

Lastly, I decorated the girls’ rooms. Again, with the use of bats, because these are too easy to use for decorating to have to limit using them in one space. These bats bring double sided tape for easy mounting. In Nalani’s room we did more of a ghosts theme, I found these at Walmart. Nayelli’s room is witch themed and I found the hats online. This is all for my haunter decor ideas. Tell me in the comments if you decorate for these spooky festivities.

Xx, Thirty Minus One

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