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Only a few more days until Halloween you guys. If you plan to celebrate, I have a few ideas on what to have ready for your guests. Candy is a must-have especially for little ones because they expect it; whether it is the trick-or-treaters passing by or ones attending your Halloween Party. In the last few years, charcuterie boards seems to be a big thing. In our home they’ve become something we like to do, especially around holidays. Last Christmas we did a hot cocoa board with only sweets.

These charcuterie boards are a good idea because you can serve a few different treats for everyone to enjoy. What we love most about these boards is that there is no right or wrong way to build them. You can add candy, snacks, fruit and even veggies. You can stick to a single category or do a mix. The charcuterie board below I build with our favorite snacks, a mix of sweet and salty. While keeping in mind the traditional halloween colors.

I am not much of a baker, but I thought it would be fun to get a cake for our guests. So I searched for ideas on Pinterest and found this brilliant bloody cake. I pinned it on my halloween board if you want to check out the original and other ideas. As far as food, I think sliders are always a good idea, if you have all the fixing they’re also filling. Hot dogs are usually a hit too, there are fun ways to make them for Halloween – check out the Pinterest board. A side of healthy is a must though, I recommend veggies, like carrots and celery.

A bowl of punch can be a really fun add for a Halloween party, especially if you add some floating eyeballs to it. It’s something that will surprise the little ones. Last but not least, have some spooky decor if possible. A fun table runner, some faux spider web, spiders, bats on the walls and a fun backdrop for guest to capture memories made that night.


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