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Hello! Welcome to my (current) home! You may remember me mentioning on several occasions that we sold our home this summer… We went from a four bedroom home to a two bedroom apartment; and it’s been a journey. No complaints, I feel blessed to have a roof over our heads! What I mean, is that it has been a challenge to decorate. We’ve bought a new sectional, bar stools (because there is no dinning area), sold furniture, you name it. So it took some time, but it finally feels more like home now. And today I want to share a holiday home tour with you.

While, I had said that I wouldn’t decorate for Christmas this year, as soon as December came around I changed my mind. I did bits of shopping and got to decorating. There is much more I wanted to do but I think I’m at a place now where my focus is shifting from decor to making plans for Christmas Eve and Christmas day instead.

Today, I wanted to share a bit of my home with you. Although the space is really small, I have made the best of it and sprinkled bits of Christmas everywhere possible. You’ll be touring the Master bedroom, the girls’ bedrooms, living room and front porch area. I’m sure that by now you’ve got all your decor ready but I am linking some items in case that you’re in the shopping spirit. ๐Ÿ˜‰


In this space, I didn’t do much other than swap out an abstract painting that hangs over the wall for a berries wreath. I also swapped out the blue throw pillows for red ones because nothing says Christmas like red, am I right? Added a fun sign that I found at Target and added a buffalo checker pillow that ties in with the pillows in the living room.


I’ve shared this space before and because it is so colorful, I decided to decorate around the colors already in this room. I swapped out their hearts bedding for plain white sheets and added the cute throw pillows I found locally. We also decided to do a tabletop Christmas tree – which we had never done before – and some fun stocking hanging from their dresser. These little details were a fun way to bring Christmas into our home.


In the living room, I added pops of red because that’s the color I picked for our ornaments this year. I got a few pillows to replace the blue and mustard that live in this space most of the year. My favorite pillow is the one with the car and tree – it’s so cute. As far as the tree, we kept it simple, nothing more than ornaments. I didn’t even add any accent ornaments this year. But there’s just something I really love about the simplicity this year.


In the porch area – which is my favorite because apartment living can feel so enclose – I also added minimal decor. A wreath to match the one in the living room, throw pillows and faux greenery by the door.

This is it! Our home tour. Next year we hope to be out of the apartment and into a house again, so make sure to stick around for posts on more home decor. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Happy Holidays,
Thirty Minus One

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  1. Can I just say I love your clashing pink & red Christmas tree, I am obsessed with pink and red clashing at the moment and it is just so fun. Also I love the addition of Christmas pillows, that’s something I have never thought of.

  2. I am love those pillows! It’s totally what I need to make my house more festive. We also just moved, but from an apartment to a house. It has been a challenge to make it feel like home!

  3. I LOVE the holiday decor of this home. Aside from the obvious tree and how pretty that is, I really adore the festive throw pillows. That’s a nice touch!

  4. Everything was so cute, these living room stuff are so cute. I so love it. I wanna have a furry chair for myself. Love it!

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