How I’m tracking my Fitness Progress with MISFIT Vapor Smartwatch

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I will be honest, I didn’t consistently track my activity before getting the Misfit Vapor Smartwatch . Sure, I did occasionally glance at the health app on my phone but that’s about it. Having said that, it has become much easier for me to track my activity since it is now available on my wrist.

Not only that, but I have also become more intentional about being active. There’s a sense of accountability  – for lack of a better word – that I feel now. Wearing the Misfit Vapor Smartwatch and having its data so accessible has encouraged me to improve how active I am each day. This makes this watch a winner in my book.

About Misfit Vapor Smartwatch 

Its capabilities include tracking steps, calories, distance, and heart rate. It is water resistant! And my favorite feature is its stand alone music player and storage, which works with my wireless headphones. It also displays alerts from emails, calls and text messages. And it’s compatible with iPhone and Android phones.

You can customize it by changing the straps – I have my eye on a girlie one already. And even customize the watch faces as there are several designs available.

If you’re looking for a smartwatch for yourself, take a look as Misfit Vapor Smartwatch. If you’re not maybe you can grab one for your favorite person as a gift. They will love it!

If you already have this watch, I’d like to know what your favorite features are. Let me know in the comments below!

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  1. This sounds like a great fitness watch I wanted one that counted your steps. This is a really lovely idea.

  2. I have something along those lines. It has been sitting in the box for at least a year. I think I would be like you. If I set it up then I would use it and be accountable to it. You give me home!

  3. Tracking your fitness progress will help you become more successful and progressive. This looks great!

  4. The simple design makes it look really classy and fits almost every type of occasion! I’ve never heard of this brand, but will definitely want to check this out soon!

  5. This watch is fabulous!!! It looks so sleek and pretty and I love how versatile the functions are! I’ve been toying with the idea of getting a new fitness tracker…I’d love one like this!

  6. It sounds like a great way of tracking your activity. I only use my phone to track the daily steps, but I could use a smart watch like this for all the other activities that the phone can’t record.

  7. This fitness watch sounds really good, I really like how smart it is to look at, really stylish so doesn’t scream ‘fitness tracker’ at you. I really like that.

  8. This is such a cute watch! That’s so awesome that it tracks your steps! I need to look into getting one of these.

  9. The wireless earphone feature had me sold already. The minimalistic, black elegance from a watch like this is something I want to wear and be proud of. This being a smart watch is just second to my priorities, funny!

  10. It sounds like a lovely gadget to have especially if you’re trying to switch to a healthier lifestyle. I sure would love to have that! I think it’s going to make life easier!

  11. I’ve been trying to figure out which fitness watch or band I’d like to use once I have some time (very soon) to get my health back in gear. I like the traditional appeal of this one!

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