How to Add Hair Volume with Voloom’s Rootie

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Volume! So my hair has lots of it when it’s curly… But when I straighten it, not so much! When I heard about Rootie the Rootlifter by Voloom, I was intrigued. And when I got the chance to try it, I did a little happy dance. 🙂 I mean, a solution to the lack of volume in my hair? Yes, please!

So, what’s Rootie? It’s a volumizing iron! It gives hair an instant and long lasting hair volume. It’s the perfect tool to add a volume to hair that is otherwise flat. Especially, when you have to skip the shampoo & need to revive those luscious locks. 😉 I’m leaving you the link to Voloom here for you to check it out and order it – this would make a great christmas gift. 😉

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*Rootie was gifted to me for an honest review and al opinions are my own!!

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  1. I just received mine in the mail
    But it doesn’t say rootie only Colombo! Nothing has rootie!!!

  2. I really need something like this! I have naturally curly hair and I have A LOT of volume when I let it go natural, however… I usually wear it straight with some curls added, but I feel like my hair is so fine when its straight! What a neat product!


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