How To Complement Your Decor With Soft Furnishings

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Pulling a room together can be a lot of fun. While choosing to decorate an entire house in one go can feel like too much work, at the same time, it’s often a great way to make sure that each room flows together. Because that’s often the key to getting your decor right – you have to be able to build it all up so that it just works. From your workspace to your living spaces, you’ll want to create interiors that work well for their function, but look incredible too. One of the best ways to make sure you nail the latter is to work in soft furnishings. They often soften the room and bring the entire look together. So let’s take a look at how you can complement your decor and finish it off with the right soft furnishings.

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Work In Texture

First of all, you can always add in a lot of texture to a room with the soft furnishings that you choose. Sometimes, a room can just feel too flat. When that’s the case, it’s often hard to get it to feel finished – because it’s lacking. But with your soft furnishings, you can bring in different textures that will give the room personality. With the right accessories in fabrics of faux fur, fleece, wool, or silk, you can change the feel of the room, depending on its functionality.

Brighten Up The Room

Next, you could also look to brighten up a space with your soft furnishings. Sometimes, you don’t always want to commit to one interior trend or kind of decor, because you want the room to be versatile. When this is the case, your room may be quite neutral. But you can always add in a lot of life and personality by bringing in bright pops of color with your soft furnishings.

How To Complement Your Decor With Soft Furnishings

Add A Print

At the same time, you can also use your soft furnishings as a way to bring prints into the decor. You don’t always want to buy printed or patterned furniture and have the print be too much. Instead, you want the prints to come from smaller additions like printed curtains, from somewhere such as mingsliving.com.sg, rugs, or even cushions. This is a much smaller and sophisticated way to add excitement to a room.

Create Atmosphere

From here, you could also look to use your soft furnishings to add some atmosphere into a space. This works particularly well in living spaces and bedrooms. When you want the right atmosphere, as apartmenttherapy.com suggests, you can create it with your decor. For something cozy and comforting, you always need soft furnishings, such as cushions and blankets, to make it happen.

Warm Up A Space

Last but not least, you can also use your soft furnishings to warm up a space. Not only is this through color, just as you would to brighten up a space, but with texture too. Because adding in carpet or a rug can really warm up a room that may have felt cold and uninviting before.

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  1. I never considered brightening a space with texture, but it makes sense. I’ve been working to transform my living spaces into something warm and inviting. This helps!

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