How to Decorate a Small Apartment Room for Girls

It has been two years since the girls have had their own rooms. If I’m honest, my oldest doesn’t love the idea. Knowing that they have to share a space, I tried to make it as fun as possible for both of them. One of My favorite ways to decorate a small apartment room is to add lots of color. While shopping at Target, I spotted the cutest mermaid print bedding. After asking the girls their thoughts, we all decided to get them. This was the first change that we made to the room and it seemed to have set the theme for the rest of the decor.

We then found the Squishmallows and brought them home, these were a lucky find. And the best stuffed animals ever y’all. They are super soft and even double up as pillows. 🙂 The throw blankets I got online and linked below we had gotten similar blankets in the past and loved them.  Honestly, we haven’t purchased any comforter sets in years. I usually put together our bedding by getting fun printed sheet sets and adding a solid blanket. This gives me the option to shop for a blanket to the thickness of our liking. In the past comforters would get too hot at night.

For the decor, my initial thought was a wall collage like in the last room. Then I decided to go for a minimal decor and bought the tassels instead. You have probably seen these are birthday parties, you can decorate with them too. 😉 I also added window treatments, a letter board for Nayelli to write fun messages and a rug in between their beds. Do your kids shared a room?

Saludos, Thirty Minus One

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