How to Revamp the Guest Bedroom for Visits

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School’s out! The kids are home and this is the perfect time for vacations. Friends and family that you haven’t seen in months are likely to come visit and spend a few days in your home. And if your guest bedroom is like mine – only occupied during especial occasions – it probably needs some TLC. While, I will admit that I was worried about what I’d do with out guest bedroom, I just followed these easy steps to get it looking and feeling cozy.

1. Pick Out Colors or Theme

This is the starting point, whether it’s a coastal theme or blue tones, it is important to have a clear vision of what you want for the space. Otherwise, you’ll waste time, money and can easily end up with something that you may not be happy with.

2. Find Affordable Bedding

Bedding can be one of the most expensive items in a room. So it is important to find pieces that look great, feel great – your guest will sleep on these – and look great. In our home I use lighter pieces like quilts and coverlets, because they’re light and can be layered with extra blankets if needed. I’m linking some below, including the style I have in our master – which you might have seen on Instagram before.

3. Find Comfortable Pillows

I recently got pillows from Downlite Bedding and let me tell you they’re super comfortable! In my opinion, pillows and a mattress are the foundation of a good bed. So, make sure to get the best you can for your guests.


4. Add Decorative Items

Abstracts are my favorite piece of art because they’re so easy to decorate with. You don’t exactly have to follow a theme if you’re decorating around an abstract. Instead, you simply focus on the colors. In our guest room, I worked off the blue tones. I think mirrors and clocks are some of my other favorite decorative pieces.

5. Focus on Details

Something as simple as a wi-fi printable like this one from Elegance and Enchantment, can go a long way in making your guest feel welcome. Let’s face it, everyone wants the wi-fi password! Except for those who have unlimited data on their cell plans. 🙂 Leaving a few dresser drawers open is also a great idea, especially if your guests will be staying a while. It can be much more comfortable than digging through a suitcase.

Following these steps took the stress out of re-decorating our guest bedroom. And I’m honestly pleased with the way that it looks and feels in there now. What tips do you take into account when decorating your home? Let me know in the comments below.


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  2. We are finally upgrading in space at the end of summer and trying to decide if we should just have an office or have an office / guest room! I love how simple and clean this room looks, it gave me allll the inspo!

    P.s You have such a gorgeous smile!!!

    1. Katie, that sounds really exciting. I’m glad that I was able to inspire you a bit. Good luck upgrading – I think and office/guest bed would be a great option. 😉

      Xx, Nailil

  3. Perfect timing: I’m trying to revamp my guest bedroom in the next few weeks! I love the idea of putting the wifi password in a cute frame, and how the small details make such a big difference.

  4. This is so beautiful and elegant, I love the twist of colours and lighting, it made so much difference and a new look for the bedroom . Thank you for sharing this .x

  5. First I love that old typewriter how fun! Plus the touches of blue your added is perfect for the summer months, it makes you think of the sea and beach which is my favorite place year round!

  6. This is so cute! We have guests all of the time now, a lot of family and friends since we’ve moved to the south, so I’m always looking for some inspiration! I love the wifi password idea too 🙂

  7. I agree, it is so helpful to have a vision and even a vision board before decorating a room. When you know what look you are trying to acheive, you will only purchase pieces that fit the vision so you end up with a cohesive room. This guest room is serene, you have done an outstanding job!

  8. I absolutely LOVE the color scheme you picked out for this room! So light and inviting. And I love the details like the painting and the plant!

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